There are many methods available for conducting research, one of which is a case study. The purpose of this Case Study Assignment is for you to learn how to conduct and complete a case study. Proper current APA formatting throughout the document is a substantial part of the content of this Case Study Assignment.  You will use what you learned in the earlier APA Assignment in this assignment, and you will use what you learn in this Case Study Assignment in a future course assignment.


Answer the following four questions using current APA format throughout (including your title page, appropriate vocabulary, and sentence structure, writing in third person, in-text citations, page numbers, levels of headings throughout the document, an introductory statement, a conclusion statement, and consistency between your in-text citations and references). Use your
course textbooks, including your Introduction to Research textbook and the Publication Manual, and at least two additional scholarly references. This Case Study Assignment must have a title page, plus 3 – 6 pages of appropriate content, and a reference page. Give the answers to these
questions in your own words and with your own explanation. Cite your sources in-text. Document your sources within the body of what you write for each of the questions with at least one of the course textbooks and one of the additional scholarly sources.  List your various sources as references on your references page.

This Case Study Assignment requires level one headings for each of the four questions.
Create your own brief phrase for a properly formatted level one heading based on each question to be clear about which item you are answering. Your headings must not be simply copied/pasted from the questions. An acceptable heading must clearly capture the essence of each question. Headings are typically brief statements. 

1. What is a case study?

2. What are some reasons and advantages for using a case study approach?

3. What are some reasons why a researcher would not select a case study approach? What are some limitations or disadvantages to this approach?

4. What are some ways and sources that a researcher can use to gather  information/data that can be used for a case study research method?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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