Speech 1 is a brief Introductory Speech – What’s In A Name – for 3-4 mins. The instructions are very specific and should be followed precisely.


The purpose of this speech is to provide an initial opportunity to speak in public with low risk. You will do some background research and organize your content paying particular attention to the introduction, body and conclusion. It will also give you the opportunity to work on delivery skills based on the rubric in your Workbook. This speech is designed to give your instructor a sense of what strengths you have as a speaker and what improvements you need to make.


The speech is about YOU with your name as the starting point.

There are a variety of ways to go about this speech. Talk to family members about your name(s), why they were chosen, and any significance to the name that was chosen for you. Do some library database or internet research that explains the origin and meaning of your names. Plan some interesting memory assists to help people actually remember. Relate people’s reaction to your names and discuss nicknames.

For this speech to work you need to develop two (2) strategies for helping people remember your name. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s entirely up to you. Just remember you need to develop two (2) strategies and stick to them to best help people in the room remember your name. BE CREATIVE.

Pay attention to organization of the speech. All good speeches have a distinct beginning (intro), middle (body) and end (conclusion). Plan a catchy attention getter to your speech and preview the two (2) main points you are going to cover in the speech. Your body of the speech should have the two main points – no more or no less. Use transitions between the main points. When you give information from a source make sure you give credit. Make sure the audience knows we are entering the conclusion of the speech, summarize the content ever so briefly, and end with something memorable. Pay attention to the organization as well as your delivery.


Time limit. Keep this speech to 3-4 minutes. If you are considerably short or long, there will be a penalty.

Supporting materials. Use your knowledge as a starting point. Then find outside sources and examples. You should use a minimum of two sources but for this speech you won’t need to cite them. You are encouraged to use more. Personal interviews count, but only one will count toward the two.

Organization. Take the time to structure your ideas. Draft an outline and place your final outline on note cards for you to use as you deliver the speech.

Delivery. This is NOT a manuscript speech. You are NOT to read it word for word. Make a brief outline, place on note cards, and use those to help you deliver the speech. Maintain adequate eye contact with the camera/audience.

To get feedback on speaking content and delivery.

Instructions for Recording Speech 1

Have someone use OR place a computer/phone/digital camera with high-quality recording capability to record you/yourself.

If possible, have an audience, and have the camera person pan to show audience before speech begins.

Record in a well-lit, quiet environment. Test visibility and audibility before recording final version to be uploaded for a grade.

STAND UP as the speaker and face the camera/audience. Make sure that your camera person has a full body recording showing you standing so that you can get feedback on posture, stance, movement, and gestures.

Do not edit your video. The speech must be recorded in one take.

Record the speech and upload it in the YouSeeU assignment for Speech 1. You can find YouSeeU in the Communication Tools drop down menu above.  If you have technical difficulty, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) immediately by calling 936-468-1919.  Again, you can find YouSeeU under the Communication Tools drop down menu in D2L, or here is a quick link to Speech 1 in YouSeeU

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