Guidelines: You are to reflect on the current pandemic (Covid-19) and its effects on you personally and socially, using the body of work and the theories you have learned throughout this course. The final project will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and will be presented via Zoom.

Make sure that your presentation has a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Clear font style, size, color, pictures and comics related to the concepts is expected. Your project must include a reference slide and in-text citations for every source you consult in APA format.

You will present your project on the final week of this semester.

Presentation Outline


Answer the set of questions attached. Explain how the Coronavirus has impacted you and your surroundings. Discuss your answers.

  1. How has COVID-19 changed you as a person?
  2. Do you feel the world will be different after the crisis ends? (Yes or no please explain.)
  3. Please reflect on your experience to date.  Are there some personal lessons you have learned during the Coronavirus pandemic? List at least three.

Ex: Social distancing has made me a more socially responsible. (volunteer work)


Choose two theories from the list provided or any other concept you have learned throughout the course and link them to the pandemic. Define the concept, mention facts/ experiments relating to your concept and explain why it is important. Demonstrate how each theory is played out during this time and link them to your personal experience.

            Ex: Satisfying our need to belong at a time of social isolation through video calls.

List of concepts:

  • The need to belong
  • The social responsibility norm
  • The availability heuristic’s influence on our fears
  • Unrealistic optimism
  • Group polarization
  • Individualism vs. collectivism
  • The motivating power of social perceptions
  • Prejudice
  • Terror management

Or, you can consult your book for other options and chapters.


Assess learning outcomes. Discuss what you have learned and include possible solutions/advice for the future. Give a general viewpoint. Summarize all the main concepts.

Tips: This is an academic assignment, and your presentation should reflect that. Although you are writing from a personal point of view, the groundwork must be there and your PowerPoint must reflect not only your knowledge of the theories/concepts, but your ability to apply them to real life situations.

Individual Grading Rubric

CriteriaPoor (2 points)Good (4 points)Very Good (6 points)Excellent (8 points)
Clarity & Organization Introduction.Body.Conclusion.    
Delivery Clear voice, tone and pronunciation.   Confidence.    
Time Management 10-15 mins.    
Creativity Draws attentionAdd (visual aids) photos, colors, design, etc.Use clear font, font size and font color.      
Conclusion Summarize main finding points.Present your own overall opinion on the project.    

Total points: ____ / 40

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