SEMESTER 2, 2021-2022

MODULE CODE:                                

MODULE TITLE:                      Social Media for Business

DATE AVAILABLE:                       Week 1

SUBMISSION DATE:                                

Learning Outcomes addressed:

P    Analyse and differentiate between the range of social media platforms, applications and tools, and their appropriate deployment.

P    Evaluate organisational cultures and characteristics and the potential impact of the implementation of enterprise social media

P    Critically evaluate the most effective social media solutions to improve business performance

P    Appraise the social and ethical relationship between social media as it pertains to traditional mass media and public relations practice

P    Identify the opportunity to apply enterprise class social media to innovate within organisational processes, products and services  

This is an individual assignment and is worth 100% of the total marks available for this module.


You are to assume the role of an external consultant for your assigned sector* (see individual allocation of sector on Blackboard). You will need to research thoroughly the adoption of social media within your allocated field in order to determine how it has transformed the way organisations within your sector interact with their stakeholders, that is, their employees, partners, customers/clients, suppliers and other parties. Your report can include a comparison between three to four different companies in your allocated sector.

The result of your research will be a consultancy report that investigates the adoption and use of social media and social networks in your allocated sector and recommends a comprehensive social media strategy.

Your report should include a critical and an in-depth literature review on the adoption and existing use of social digital technologies in your sector. Your research should include a wide variety of social media technologies and their application, or potential application in your sector. The report should identify the business drivers involved in the adoption/use of social media platforms; explore their benefits and opportunities; outline potential obstacles and adoption issues, both internally and externally; cover impact analysis and explore metrics and their implementation; provide supporting evidence and justification, including audience needs, innovation issues and the role of user generated content.  

Assessment Requirements

Your consultancy report should not exceed 4000 words (±10%). The limit excludes diagrams, references and appendices.

The structure of your report should have the following format:

  • Title page (with word count; no name, student id or course)
  • Executive summary (~80 words)
  • List of contents
  • Introduction (~500 words). The introduction should contain a brief description of the case, introduce the relevant sector, and set the context.
  • Main body (~2,000 words). This should contain a thorough and a critical review of the literature and practice; evaluation of the role and use of social media and applications in the given sector; identification of the most suitable solutions for the specific scenario; impact analysis; analysis of the findings.
  • Conclusions and recommendations (~1,000 words). This should contain the conclusions following your analysis, your recommendations and the proposed social media strategy.
  • References. Follow the link to find out how to reference correctly.

*   Do not use a fictional or one single existing organisation for your report. You are expected to research the adoption and application of social media in your sector as a whole. You can use existing organisations as case studies for supporting examples.


This End-of-Term Assessment represents 100% of your mark for this module. Each component of the coursework carries a different percentage of marks. The marking scheme is as follows:

Executive summary5 marks
Introduction15 marks
Main body, containing:40 marks
Literature reviewSocial media & tools relevant to sector; their purpose and activitiesAdoption issues; business drivers, benefits, opportunities, obstacles Innovation issuesImpact analysis
Conclusions and recommendations20 marks
References10 marks
Presentation10 marks

A less than basic understanding of the topic without a literature review and/or without recommendations will result to a mark of less than 20%.

A basic understanding of the topic which is missing a suitable literature review, references and/or a basic strategy recommendation for the company will be given a mark of 20-39%.

For a Pass mark (40-49%) you will need to demonstrate a basic but clear understanding of the topic, provide a suitable review of the existing literature including appropriate sources (correctly referenced) and propose a rudimentary social media strategy for the firm.

For a 50-59% mark, in addition to the previous group requirements, you will need to show a proficient understanding of the sector, propose a satisfactory social media strategy and relate your conclusions and recommendations to your review. Conference proceedings and online resources are acceptable sources for your literature review; however, you will need a minimum of 2-3 journal articles.

For a 60-69% mark, in addition to the previous group requirements, you will need to additionally demonstrate an in-depth understanding of both your sector and the organisational adoption of social media in that sector, be able to methodically analyse and evaluate relevant source material and develop a comprehensive SM strategy for your client that shows clear relationships between the researched topic, your findings and your conclusions and recommendations.

For a 70-79% mark, in addition to the previous group requirements, you will need an extensive range of appropriate research sources (journal articles in particular), critical analysis of the findings and professional standards of report writing.

For 80% and up, in addition to the previous group requirements, you will need particular evidence of insight into the proposed SM strategy and clear evidence of innovative application of the relevant theories.

Coursework deadline and submission

You are to submit an electronic copy of your work through the module Blackboard site where the instructions can be found (i.e., Turnitin instructions). 

Name your submission file with the name of your sector.

Do NOT include your name or student number within the filename or anywhere within your submission. The submission will be subject to anonymous marking. Having logged into Turnitin on Blackboard, the system will record your details anonymously and tutors will only see your name after the entire submission has been assessed and provisional marks have been released to all students at the same time. 

Mitigating circumstances

Note that the Module Leader cannot grant any extensions to the hand-in date. Extension requests should be made to the Mitigating Circumstances Board and followed by appropriate evidence. For more information on this please contact the Registry, or your Course Leader.

Academic Offences

Academic offences, including plagiarism are treated very seriously. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and students who break rules, however innocently, will be penalised. It is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you understand what constitutes an academic offence, what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Consult the Handbook of Academic Regulations for more information.

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