Purpose (original prompt)

This assignment helps you improve and build on the argument you created for the Mindfulness Essay; it’s an opportunity for you to add more evidence, refute potential counterarguments, cite sources correctly, and respond to feedback.


You should take and defend a position on the following question: Should college students practice meditation to improve mindfulness? Why or why not?  In about 1000 words, explain your reasons for the thesis and provide evidence from the readings to support your position and reasons.

Writing Instructions

  • Include a strong, arguable thesis statement (1-2 sentence answer to the question) in the introduction. Underline your thesis statement.
  • Each paragraph should focus on one reason your thesis is correct and provide at least one piece of evidence (e.g. a direct quotation or reference to an idea) from the readings/videos on mindfulness and meditation.
  • Present your work in MLA document format, including spacing, headers, and page numbers.
  • Cite your sources using MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
  • Include evidence from at least 3 sources to support your claims. Focus on the sources we have used in class (e.g. Naik et al, Puddicombe, Rocha, Robson) rather than doing lots of external research: the focus here is on argument and composition, not research.

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