Criterion A: Presentation

How many marks are there for Presentation?4️⃣ marks.
What is the difference between an introduction and a rationale?An introduction simply introduces and outlines the topic to be investigated, whereas a rationale describes the purpose behind investigating this topic.
What is the difference between an organized piece of work and a coherent piece of work?Organized is with regard to the structure of the IA, like where each section is, whereas coherent means that it is easy to follow and understand
Does an exploration have to be less than 13 pages long to be concise?The more condensed and efficiently displayed the exploration is, the more likely it is to be concise. 13 pages or more might indicate an exploration that could be not be following that guideline, but it’s not an explicit condemnation.
How many images are required? graphs?As many as are needed to be concise and to communicate the information needed.
What are the formatting requirements? 
Should it be pretty?Yes.


Criterion B: Mathematical communication

How many marks?4 marks
What is “appropriate mathematical language?”Appropriate mathematical language entails proper use of notation, symbols and terminology. Calculator and computer notation are not allowed unless it is from software.
What constitutes “key terms?” Do all terms need to be defined?The terms in your research question, the key terms need to be defined.
Is the use of technology compulsory?Yes
Does an exploration have to be word-processed?Yes, the exploration has to be word-processed.
Can an exploration get a good mark for criterion B if it doesn’t have any graphs, charts or tables?No, visual representations are crucial to retraining a good mark.
What’s the difference between mathematical communication and use of mathematics? 




Criterion C: Personal engagement

How many marks?three
List some attributes or skills that demonstrate personal engagementexploring the topic from multiple perspectives, making tests and presenting them in their own personal way,
How should personal engagement be evident in the exploration?thinking independently and creatively, presenting mathematics in their own way, exploring the topic from different perspectives, and making and testing predictions.
What is the difference between significant (2) and outstanding (3) in terms of quality and/or quantity?If the IA has all of the qualities stated before, versus having some of them. In an outstanding grade the student leaves an impression that they are accurately engaged in the IA as well as their topic
How do we show evidence of personal engagement? 
Why is personal engagement important in this IA? 


Criterion D: Reflection

How many marks?Three, total
What constitutes superficial reflection?“Simply describing results represents limited reflection. Further consideration is required to achieve the higher levels.”
What do we look for when looking for good reflection?Linking to the aims of the exploration, commenting on what they have learned, and considering some limitation or comparing different mathematical approaches.
What is the difference between a conclusion and a reflection?A conclusion summarises and concludes the research done, however a reflection develops the exploration of the topic assessed in the presentation, further communicating the student’s understanding of the topic. Some possible ways of achieving this are discussing implications of findings as well as offering alternative perspectives. 
What is the difference between “meaningful” and “substantial” reflection?Meaningful reflections link the aims of the exploration, comment on what was learned, and consider limitations of, or compare different mathematical approaches. Alternatively, In substantial reflections, critical reflection is present throughout the exploration. If it appears at the end of the exploration it must be of high quality and demonstrate how it developed the exploration in order to achieve a level 3



Criterion E: Use of mathematics

How many marks?The maximum mark is 6.
Can an exploration get a good IA grade at SL even if the mathematics is not commensurate with SL level?The mathematics explored should either be part of the syllabus, at a similar level or slightly beyond. However, mathematics of a level slightly beyond the syllabus is not required to achieve the highest levels.  
What is the difference between “some”, “good” and “thorough” knowledge and understanding, qualitative and quantitative?For knowledge and understanding to be thorough it must be demonstrated throughout.  

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