Required Assessment – Servant Leadership Paper HL 511
Description (Course Guide)
Servant leadership is a style where the leader is driven by the desire to serve. This type of leader does not seek power over their employees, but instead demonstrates a commitment to the personal and professional growth of their team. In this 5-7 page paper, students will demonstrate the theories behind servant leadership and describe settings where it is best applied. Inclusion of examples are encouraged. APA formatting and a minimum of seven professional references are required. References should be less than five years old in order to reflect current information. APA Style (citations, references, formatting) 10       Always cites and references credible and/or relevant sources, appropriate to the discipline, to support ideas. Includes more than the required number or resources. APA formatting throughout the paper is flawless. Nearly all of the resources are less than five years old. Characteristics of the Leadership Style 25       Student thoroughly describes the characteristics of the servant leadership style. Student includes numerous examples. Style and Mechanics 10       Almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors. Sentences are varied, clearly structured, carefully focused, and fit assignment’s purpose and audience. Words are chosen for their precise meaning and an appropriate level of specificity is used. Writing is formal and in the third person throughout. Student exceeds the minimum page requirement. Application of Theories 30       Student thoroughly describes the theories behind servant leadership and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of how those theories are applied. Student includes numerous examples. Description of Setting 25       Student describes more than one setting where servant leadership is best applied. Student includes numerous examples. Total 100        

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