This paper serves to validate the student’s ability to produce a scholarly paper that clarifies a personal understanding of the ministry of nursing.  The paper should reflect the student’s ability to utilize the major course topics and professional writings from journals and/or books to support their position regarding the ministry of nursing and how that impacts the care of patients.  Two-page minimum, four-page maximum for paper (this does not include the title page or reference page).  Dictionary definitions, although may be appropriate to include, do NOT count as an outside reference! Bible references may also be included, but these will not be counted as an outside reference. This is a formal paper; however, because of the nature of the topic, it is quite acceptable to be written in the first person. 

To receive credit for this assignment, it must include the following:

1. Title page including proper running head; running head and page numbers on all pages. (Refer to APA manual)

2. Entire paper in Times New Roman 12 font 

3. Reference page with the two references properly cited in APA format.  

4. Clearly explain whether nursing is or is not a ministry.

5. Clearly explain how the above stance affects patient care.

6. Two scholarly references (2 peer-reviewed journal articles OR one peer-reviewed journal and one book) used outside of required class reading (the O’Brien text will not count as a reference).   These references need to support your stance on whether nursing is or is not a ministry and need to be cited within the paper in proper APA format.

This presentation will be graded by the instructor on the basis of 100 points as follows:

➢ Format (40 pts total):

• Organized in clear, logical manner (15 pts)

• Correct APA format for paper (i.e. title page, headers, reference page, Times New Roman font) (10 pts)

• Correct APA format for citations and references (15 pts)

➢ Content (60 pts total):

• Clearly explains whether nursing is or is not a ministry (20 pts)

• Clearly explains how the above stance affects patient care (15 pts)

• 2 peer-reviewed journal articles OR one peer-reviewed journal and one bookutilized that are relevant and current and (15 pts)

• All references support stance of ministry of nursing (10 pts)

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