All the files I uploaded are necessary. Please read them carefully.Feel free to move sections around in the Power point Poster template so it flows better. You don’t need to search for papers to use as references. The ones you’ll need were uploaded as a zip file.
CITATION FORMAT: Vancouver styleWord count: 700-900 wordsRed text is my personal notes to you. Green text is the parts I’ve completed, you just need to copy and paste it into the Powerpoint template. Black text is the assignment instructions given to me.

GAD-7 means Generalised Anxiety Disorder assessment

PSQI means Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index

ANALYSES ARE DONE. GRAPHS AND PLOTS (as Figures for Results) ARE DONE. You just need to write the text for each section of the poster + Names and Descriptions of the Figures.

The reference papers are already chosen.

Poster sections that you will need to complete.

1. Introduction (100 words)

2. Aims and Hypthoses (100 words)

3. Methods (120-150 words)

4. Results including Descriptions under Figures: (160-200 words)

5. Discussion (200 words)

6. Conclusion (100 words)

7. References

Your poster should be as succinct as possible and only contain key words and sentences. Dot points are preferred to cut down on words. Your poster must accurately reflect the data collection which took place – and should only describe the components of the study (the variables) which are directly relevant to your research question. You mark will be affected if you include unnecessary detail. i.e., If you only analysed data from two questionnaires (e.g., the MEQ and the ISI), you should just describe those questionnaires in your methods, not all that were administered.

●     Make sure that your poster is presentable and includes some visual elements, your poster should not just be a lab report in a power point document

●       Ensure your sections are distributed in the space evenly, and that everything is clear and visible

What are the sections of the poster I need to complete?


A brief overview of the main studies which have led directly to your research question. This

can be in dot points, and may only include a few statements. This should lead rationally to

your research question/aims. You should make reference to key studies using the

numbered formatting citation style VANCOUVER.

Aims & Hypotheses

Outline the aim of the study, and your hypothesis/es clearly. Hypotheses should be operationalized, and your aim should be specific to your analyses.

Aim: To examine the difference in anxiety level and sleep quality and investigate if the relationship between the two measurements is consistent between people with a bed partner and those without.

This research hypothesizes that:

  • participants who share their bed will report a lower score of anxiety and have better sleep than participants who sleep alone and,
  • as sleep quality worsens, anxiety level rises and vice versa in both groups.


Including the subheadings of participants, materials and procedure. This section should be brief, only covering the specific component of the study which are relevant to your research question. Some additional notes are below;


If you split your sample into groups other than men and women (e.g., evening types and other, short sleepers and long sleepers), just report the overall mean.


You should describe the questionnaires selected concisely, but with adequate detail for your reader to understand it, and provide a reference. This might be only 2-3 sentences per questionnaire.

I only analysed data from 2 questionnaires so you should just describe only those 2 in the methods: Generalised Anxiety Disorder assessment & Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. (the questionnaires were uploaded to Files)


This section should take up the largest portion of your poster. It will include a brief text description of the analyses which were conducted & how, and then have graphical representations of your data which appropriately show your findings. This should be done in the most efficient way possible, making it easy for your viewer to interpret the graphs. Ensure you do have text to accompany your figures, which explains what they show, and the analyses conducted. (Check out the example posters and how the figures were named and described so you can write the )

Discussion & Conclusions

You should provide an interpretation of your results in the context of the literature which led to the development of your research question. Identify conceptual and methodological limitations – and implications, and provide some direction for future studies to explore. Do not only list limitations, and make sure to provide an interpretation of your findings, not simply restate the results.


Provide a list of any studies you have referred to in text. This may have been in your background section, methods or discussion/conclusion.

What I did:

Analyses were done using SPSS version 26.

FIGURE 1: <bar graphs>

To determine if there were a relationship between bed partner status and sleep quality, and bed partner status and anxiety severity, the GAD-7 scores were recoded into four categories: Minimal anxiety, Mild anxiety, Moderate anxiety and Severe anxiety ( ) and the PSQI scores into two categories: normal and poor sleep quality. Then, the Chi-square for independence statistical test was used.

  • There was association between bed partner status and anxiety level but not between bed partner status and sleep quality. 
  • A significantly smaller proportion of people with a bed partner reported anxiety of all four levels.

FIGURE 2: <Table>

To determine if there were significant differences of GAD-7 and PSQI scores between people with a bed partner and people without, descriptive statistics were examined. p values were calculated using Mann-Whitney U tests.

  • People with a bed partner had a significantly higher mean anxiety score.
  • No statistically significant difference between mean PSQI score of people with a bed partner and people without.

FIGURE 3: <scatter plots>

To determine the relationship between GAD-7 and PSQI scores, the Spearman’s Rank-Order Correlation was used because both variables were continuous and non-parametric.

  • the relationship between GAD-7 and PSQI score was consistent (both positive correlation) and significant (both p<0.001) between people with a bed partner and people without.

Some parts belong to the Methods section, others to the Results section, please place them accordingly and of course, also write the necessary parts that were outlined in black texts above.

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