Company: The Regent Classic Movie Theater of Springfield, Ohio

  1. Describe the role of retailing for your company. Do you use a retailer(Are you the retailer)? What function and benefits do they (you) provide?
  1. Describe the role of wholesaling for your company.  Do you use a wholesaler?  What function or benefits do they provide?
  1. Describe your company’s integrated marketing communications (promotion) strategy.  How do you communicate with your target market?  What is the best means of communication for reaching your market?
  1. Describe the role of Sales Promotion in your company.  How would you use sales promotion in your company?
  1. Describe the role of Advertising in your company. How would you use advertising? Which media type would be best, why, and how would you use it most effectively?
  1. Describe the role of Personal Selling in your company. Do you use a sales force (internal, external or both)? How is or would this be beneficial? Does it provide additional sales to cover the additional costs?
  1. Describe the role of Public Relations in your company. How would you manage the public relations part of your integrated marketing communications (promotion) strategy?
  1. Describe the role of Direct/Online Marketing in your company.  How do you use the different direct marketing tools to build/enhance your customer & prospect relationship?  Describe the role that the internet plays in your company’s direct marketing strategies.
  1. Describe your company’s Competitive Strategy.  How do you stay competitive?  What can/do you do to be better than the competition?  What should/can you change to improve your competitive position?
  1. Describe how your company would/could go global.  What resources would/do you need?  Why would you ‘not’ go global?

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