You have been exposed to a number of approaches that organizations call upon to advance creative thinking. Among those techniques, one of the better recognized and utilized is SCAMPER, a creativity tool that is a form of brainstorming. In this assignment, you will be asked to analyze and implement SCAMPER using an existing product or service in your organization that needs improvement. Use the attached SCAMPER worksheet to complete this assignment.


Complete the SCAMPER Worksheet:

  1. Using resources web resources, prepare a brief statement of three sentences maximum describing SCAMPER as a creativity tool and its importance in terms of the creative process. 
  • Identify and describe your service or product and provide a rational explanation.
  • Complete the SCAMPER table:  Apply the SCAMPER process to come up with ideas to present to our manager.
  • In the first column – Create a Statement to describe each Mnemonic          
  • In the 2nd column – Pose questions pertaining to the service or product you identified in each of the SCAMPER areas characterized by the pneumonic.
  • In the 3rd column – Provide Answers to the Questions to Produce Ideas.  Clearly state the idea produced.

Address the following at the bottom of the worksheet:

Review your ideas and answer the following questions:

  1. Do any idea(s) stand out as viable solutions? Explain.
    1. Could any of the ideas be used to create a new service or product or to redesign an existing one? Explain. 


• Submit the completed SCAMPER Worksheet.  

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

Evaluation Rubric for Assignment

CRITERIADeficientNeeds ImprovementProficientExemplary
 (0-5 Points)(6-7 Points)(8-9 Points)(10 Points)
Introductory statement Statement reflects limited understanding of SCAMPER.Techniques are shared without noting any value in creativity process.Statement shares how one technique adds value to creativity  process.Statement reflects how 3 or more technique(s) are important to creativity in the process.
 (0-23 Points)(24-31 Points)(32-39 Points )(40 Points)
Questions and Ideas columnIdentifies service or product without detail; SCAMPER technique not used to pose questions.Identifies service or product without rational;  less than 2 SCAMPER techniques use to pose questions.Identifies and describes service or product; rational limited; 3- 6 SCAMPER techniques used.Identifies and describes service or product; rational shares why; 7 SCAMPER techniques used.
 (0-11 Points)(12-15 Points)(16-19 Points)(20 Points)
Product DescriptionDescription is missing or minimal.Description of production or service is missing the rationale or the details are insufficient.Description of production or service is provided including the rationale. Some details missing.Description of production or service is complete including the rationale.
 (0-11 Points)(12-15 Points)(16-19 Points)(20 Points)
Final QuestionsFails to respond to either question.Responds to one of the two  questions.Responds to both questions; supports ideas with some details.Responds to both questions; supports ideas with multiple details connecting back to SCAMPER.
 (0-5 Points)(6-7 Points)(8-9 Points)(10 Points)
Clear and Professional Writing Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed. Significant errors that do not impede professional presentation. Few errors that do not impede professional presentation. Writing and format is clear, professional, and error free. 

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