Writing Assignment

The following should guide your submission. The topic that sits above all of these questions is the importance of the generational shift that was first seen in the early punk bands and later in the hardcore and grunge bands. Use parallels in classical music and jazz to support your responses:

  1. Discuss what defines classical music. Is anything that can be defined as classical music being composed today? What are some of its defining characteristics?
  2. When and what style of jazz was the most popular? What jazz style is currently the most popular among jazz aficionados? Do they match? What period or style is most nostalgic for the jazz fan?
  3. What style of rock was the most popular in its history? Is it still the most popular style today? What style do you think will be studied most by future generations of students looking back at rock’s development?
  4. Is rock a music only for youth? Will the boomers’ interest in classic rock give way to each succeeding generation of youth? Can older rockers ever create new vital rock styles?

Your submission should be about 300 words.

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