The format of the papers should have the following specifications:

  • Use a standard MLA template: letter sized paper, one-inch top and bottom margins, Times New Roman size 12 fonts, and double-spaced.
  • The paper should be 18 to 20 pages long (excludes “Works Cited” page).  
  • The paper should be written in SPANISH, but it can be written in English first if it is easier for the writer and then it can be translated later.

If you have a native Spanish writer then no need to translate later, he or she can do it from the “get go”.

The project will consist of three parts:

  1. Thesis Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (Due October 2th)

A short paper in which you clearly expound your research project. You must provide a precise:

  • Title
  • a clear thesis (what you plan to do)
  • a sound method (how you are going to do it) and reason (why you are going to do it)
  • in at least 500 words.
  • Remember a research project may corroborate (expand or deepen) or put into question ideas, beliefs, or perspectives of the existing critical literature. 
  • The main themes, ideas for this project that you can develop in your thesis are race, identity, gender, migration, or any issues that an AFRO-HISPANIC suffer or experience here in the USA based on the literature of contemporary AFRO-DOMINICAN writers.

Annotated Bibliography

Compile a list of sources that strictly follow the MLA style guideline.  After each entry, you must explain how the selected source may contribute to your research project.  For the annotated bibliography, the ideal number of items is as follows: ten (10) monographs or books and twelve (12) scholarly articles.  Keep in mind that four (4) articles are equivalent to a monograph.  Use MLA Bibliography guidelines to build your bibliography or Works Cited.

  1. First Draft (October 15)
  1. Should have an Introduction
    1. A brief overview of what to come on this paper
    1. Thesis well declared
    1. Research questions to be answered
    1. A very brief snippet of the literature to be presented.
  1. Main body
    1. A review of the authors and their literature
    1. The main topics and arguments that proves the thesis based on this literature.
    1. Note: Examples of the author poetry can be presented in this section.
  1. Conclusion
  1. A quick review of how the thesis was proven
    1. State the importance of the paper in contributing to the literature on these Afro-Hispanic themes (race, identity, gender issues, migration, etc) or to any other topics of afro-Dominican literature or Afro-American literature written by Hispanics.
  1. Second Draft (Due November 5th)

same as First Draft but with feedback and corrections added.

  1. Final – (Due Nov. 11)

Same as Second Draft but with final feedback and corrections added

The final paper is a well written, well organized, convincingly argued, and well-documented work without any missing sections. In the paper, the thesis, approach, and method are stated in the first paragraph. The development is solid in the MAIN section, and conclusion reasonable and limited to the scope of work undertaken.  Furthermore, the revision (DRAFT  II)  includes the corrections and acknowledges the recommended suggestions made on DRAFT I).  Writer should make all corrections and implement all suggested improvements before the FINAL paper.  

NOTE: Use the following link!Aq34pO5zbY2ipkLqHcBbQBOeG3rI?e=6WVHda

to find resources such as good dissertations on the themes (race, discrimination, identity, gender, migration of afro-Hispanic nature) as a guide for sources, thesis, main ideas.  You can use more than one contemporary author but give more emphasis to Elizabeth Acevedo. You can use mix and match sources from these two dissertations papers and come up with your own + plus you can add more.  

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