Course Description

Students review and build upon leadership and management principles. Emphasis is placed on understanding the health care system and social forces affecting care delivery, effective leadership, patient outcomes, project management, health care policies, basic accounting principles, and entrepreneurship. Students use evidence-based resources, address health competencies and analyze an identified issue while developing a plan of interventions that incorporates current evidence for management of the identified issue. Students will present their capstone work via a poster or podium presentation. Presentation forums may be at their selected venue, at a professional conference, or conducted virtually.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Use information and technologies to monitor and provide quality patient care. (PLO 1)
  2. Demonstrate cultural competence in nursing practice. (PLO 2)
  3. Provide competent, evidence-based nursing care. (PLO 3)
  4. Document nursing information and activities in support of safe patient care. (PLO 4)
  5. Speak clearly and concisely in conveying healthcare information. (PLO 5)
  6. Collaborate effectively with healthcare team members. (PLO 6)
  7. Apply empirical research to nursing practice. (PLO 7)
  8. Apply the Code of Ethics for Nurses in professional nursing practice. (PLO 8)
  9. Objectively analyze and evaluate data to inform decision-making in nursing practice. (PLO 9)

Welcome to Nurs 499 Capstone in Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice

The student will provide a proposal on the approved topic from NURS 378 using Evidence-Based Project in healthcare and their respective community setting.  You will develop a protocol supported by evidence, review and critically appraise the literature regarding this topic, and develop a project proposal. The proposal should include the plan for implementation, and evaluation.  During week 8, the student will present his/her EBP project and finally, create a poster suitable for presentation at a nursing conference or for publication. The Project must focus on the RN/BSN practice. Please consult your practicing state’s Nurse Practice Act. Your project proposal must not focus on interventions carried out by an Advanced Practice Nurse.

Concepts studied during your progression through the RN-BSN program should be clearly integrated into this assignment.  This presentation demonstrates your achievement of the outcomes of the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice as defined by the American Association of College of Nursing

There are eight modules in this course.

Module 1:  Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) topic proposal from the identified health concern (approved topic)  in NURS 378 (due week 1)

Module 2:  Evidence-Based Practice Timeline and Plan (due by Week 2)

Module 3:  Literature Review (due end of Week 3)

Module 4:  Stakeholder Analysis (due end of Week 4)

Module 5:  Stakeholder Communication (due end of Week 5)

Module 6:  Evidence-Based Practice Design Paper (due end of Week 6)

        Evidence-Based Practice Design Paper

  • Background: Community Health Concern and Identification
  • Facilitators and Barriers to EBP Implementation
  • Organizational Culture
  • Proposal for the next steps to address the identified health concern

Module 7:  Evidence-based Practice Presentation, Part I

  • Presentation in synchronous class session (TBA, Week 7)
  • Instructor will schedule presentation date and time

Module 8:  Evidence-based Practice Poster Presentation, Part II

  • Poster presentation, voice-narrated powerpoint.

Welcome to Week 5

The week five discussion will explore how change initiatives are affected by communication.  In the written assignment paper, you will analyze the communication plan you would use with identified stakeholders in your project.

Communication is the prominent skill that nurse leaders need to have. Without strong communication skills, the safety of the patients may be compromised. Nurse leaders use communication to maintain proper patient care and work with patients and other health professionals. Nurse leaders must have strong nonverbal communication skills, listening skills and the capacity to form personal relationships with compassion and kindness. Nurse leaders need to be aware of any roadblocks which may impact communication. Negotiation is an important factor in patient-centered care and must be used effectively by nurse leaders.

Communication is a critical element with stakeholders to build an understanding of your goals and the benefits to the audience if they help you achieve those goals. You must exhibit your basic understanding of their work and domain. You must be able to empathize and apply the right format at the right time with the right audience. Leverage your network if necessary when the time is right. Always provide continuous education to the stakeholders. Build relationships outside of work meetings.

Relationship with your stakeholder build networks that develop credible, united message on concerns, services, and products important to your organization.  Good working relationships with other in our professional circle is essential to the success of your project.

The stakeholder opinion will determine whether or not your project is considered a success. It is crucial to maintain a regular communication with stakeholders on their terms. Ask and understand your stakeholder expectations. Do not assume!

Get to the Point: Provide only as much background information as necessary to explain your issue. Always get to the point quickly or you will lose their interest. Cover the concerns that require deeper discussion at a separate meeting. Clear and open communication about your goals are key to developing trust and a strong working relationship.

Manage Communications/Stakeholder vs  Control Communications/Stakeholder


Changes in nursing are crucial for the quality and  improvement of the care we provide to our patients and communities.

Discuss a situation based on a previous change project that you were involved in and its implementation plan. Include the communication channels, the number of people involved in the project and its effect on the outcome of the project (use fictitious names where needed).


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