• Assignment 1: Identify your practicum site and share its features and location with the Professor.
  • Assignment 2: Communication with students

In your practicum site, how do you plan to communicate with your students on the first day of your field experience? What get-acquainted activities or games can you play to introduce yourself, to learn the student’s names and get to know them? Share your ideas.

The paper must be at least 3-pages in length with a minimum of 3 credible references in proper APA format. Note that cover sheets, reiterating the assignment, and reference pages are not included in the page count. Be sure to read the section of the syllabus called “Writing Expectations.”

  •  Weekly Journal: Your journal should be at least four paragraphs.


Assignment 3: Becoming a Professional

 You have prepared a good paper to discuss your views on professionalism.

  • Weekly Journal: Make sure that your journal is at least four paragraphs.
  • Assignment 4:  Guiding Young Children in the Classroom

 Please address the below two questions (must be three pages with appropriate APA citations). Your responses must be related to your activities in your practicum site.

1. How do you believe problems between young children should be solved? What about problems between young children and adults?

2. Do you believe that some children are innately “good” or “bad”? Why or why not? How does your belief coincide with your philosophy of behavior management?

Weekly Journal:  Make sure that your journal is at least four paragraphs.

  • Assignment 5: Establishing Effective Professional Relationships

Participate in active listening exercise in your field experience and share a classroom experience that demonstrates an example of particularly effective or ineffective communication. 

  • Weekly Journal:  Make sure that your journal is at least four paragraphs.
  • Assignment 6: Classroom Management: Environments and Routines

1. Discuss what potential threats to child safety they should look for in their classroom environment.

2. Give examples of play activities designed to develop emotional well-being.

Please confine your responses on one page for each question.

Weekly Journal: Make sure that your journal is at least four paragraphs.

  • Assignment 7: Term Paper

Discuss the balance between the following two concepts: “doing the right thing” and “doing things right,” and their impact on higher educational administration. Please address this question using your practicum experience.

This term paper must be a minimum of 8-10 pages. Proper APA formatting is required.

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