The minimum word count for this analysis paper is 1000 words. SOURCES ARE IN FILES! Write an analysis paper answering the following: 

– Describe the benefits of using TCP over UDP. Why is there a need to use UDP?

– Describe three vulnerabilities associated with TCP or UDP. What can be done to mitigate or prevent these vulnerabilities from being exploited?

– Compare and contrast two ways in which a TCP connection ends (graceful vs abrupt shutdown).

– Identify an attack that uses ICMP. Describe the attack and how it is implemented. What can be done to mitigate this type of attack?

-Describe three reasons why a ping command would not work when trying to reach a destination.

– Identify one attack that uses ARP or attacks the network’s Link Layer. Describe these attacks and provide a real-world example for each of these attacks. A real-world example means that it has occurred.

– How can you change the MAC address on a system. Describe the following: The process for changing the MAC address. How would an attacker use this for nefarious purposes? Describe a situation where this has occurred. This is another example of an attack that has occurred in the lab or in the wild.

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