You are required to undertake research for this assignment.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a strong culture is a common denominator amongst the most successful organisations. An organization’s culture consists of shared beliefs and values established by leaders, and then communicated and reinforced through various methods. Such methods ultimately shape employee perceptions, behaviours and understanding. Leaders of successful organisations live their cultures every day and go out of their way to communicate their cultural identities to employees, as well as prospective new hires ( 7 March 2022 (Links to an external site.)). 

Please use APA referencing.

Required (Approx. 1500 –  2,500 words):

Choose an organisation and undertake research on this organisation regarding its strategic Human Resource Management (HRM). Describe and critically evaluate the culture and leadership of your chosen organisation, as well as other key HRM attributes that you believe impact on your case organisation’s performance.

Marking Guide

Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:

Assignment 1 marking guide
CriteriaNo PassPassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Knowledge and interpretation
Does not meet criterion.Satisfactory knowledge and interpretation of the key concepts; generally adequate understanding; some related concepts and/or issues may be misunderstood.Good knowledge and interpretation of selected material; adequate understanding of the issues.Very good knowledge and interpretation of selected material; pertinent understanding of the issues.Excellent knowledge and interpretation of selected material;  advanced understanding of the issues.
Does not meet criterion.Satisfactory analysis of the key concepts; reasonable argumentation and adequate use of evidence; some related concepts and/or issues may be insufficiently or poorly analysed.Good analysis; mostly reasonable argumentation and adequate use of evidence.Very good analysis; sound argumentation and use of evidence.Excellent analysis; nuanced argumentation and use of evidence.
Reflection and independence of thought
Does not meet criterion.Satisfactory critical evaluation; some adequate references to research and experience.Good critical evaluation; mostly well-considered references to research and experience.Very good critical evaluation; pertinent references to research and experience.Excellent critical evaluation; creative references to research and experience.
Organisation and presentation
Does not meet criterion.Satisfactory organisation of ideas; some ambiguities but mostly accurate grammar, spelling and referencing.Good organisation of ideas; mostly clear writing style; mostly accurate grammar, spelling and referencing.Very good organisation of ideas; clear writing style; accurate grammar, spelling and referencing.Excellent organisation of ideas; clear and nuanced writing style; accurate grammar, spelling and referencing.

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