The goal of this paper is to help you see the connections between course content and approaches to increasing personal and social system sustainability, as well as the relevance of social factors to your personal health. To do this you will describe resilience in paragraph 1 and tell that you will relate it to both your personal resilience and the resilience of American (US) society. If you are stuck on an idea for how to make the US more resilient, refer to the content that addresses factors that affect health.

Paragraph 1: Introduction (3 points)

  • Define resilience
  • Tell what personal goal you are currently pursing and how this goal will make you more resilient in the future (see paragraph 2)
  • Tell what public health goal you will pursue to increase the resilience of the US (see paragraph 3)

Paragraph 2: Application to self (4 points)

  • Describe a goal you have and how you will be more resilient if you achieve it
  • Tell what resources you need to reach your goal
  • Explain how the resource will help you overcome the challenge
  • Tell how you will acquire the resources

Paragraph 3: Application to US society (5 points)

  • Describe a public health related problem you see in the US
  • Tell what you could do to help solve the problem
  • Tell what resources you need to accomplish what you think you can do
  • Explain how the resource will help you overcome the challenge
  • Tell how you will acquire the resources

Paragraph 4: Commitment to action (4 points)

  • Name one thing you will begin doing in the next two weeks to increase your personal resilience and explain briefly how it will help you.
  • Name one thing you will begin doing in the next two weeks to increase the resilience of American society and explain briefly how it will help the US.

References: (2)

List your sources in the order in which they appear in your paper.  Use the AMA citation and reference style.

See the sample on the next page. WARNING – I totally made up the content and citations. Note that I have used quotation marks to indicate where I have used three or more words in a row from a source in the first citation. My second citation refers to a document, so no quotation marks were needed. I provided superscript in-text citations (example – 1) in both cases. Note also that the order in which the references appear in the text is the same in which they are listed among the references.

Special Quality: (2 pts)

This is a subjective category that the grader will judge based on organization, creativity, and whatever else is indicative extra effort and attention to the task.

In-text citation and reference Example

Resilience is the “…the capacity of a system, enterprise, or a person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of… changed circumstances.”1 My present personal goal is to grow taller this year so I can see over fences. My public health goal is to have all cities in the US perform Health Impact Assessments before they pass self-destructive policies.2


1. Zolli, A., Healy, AM. Resilience: Why things bounce back. New York: Free Press; 2012.

2. Rudolph, L., Caplan, J., Ben-Moshe, K., & Dillon, L.Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments. Washington, DC and Oakland, CA: American Public Health Association and Public Health Institute. 2013.

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