Now that the job ad has been prepared, the recruitment strategy has been implemented and you have screened all resumes, the next step is to get ready for the selection process. In this assignment you will prepare the interview plan, conduct interviews, and make a final decision.


  • Develop an interview plan: at a minimum, include the sequence of interview events.  Remember an interview has a ‘beginning’, ’middle’ and ‘end/closure’.  What will you say and do at each phase of the interview?  Develop a set of six (6) competencies (hint: there are 3 levels; and you should have at least one for each); a Behaviour Descriptive Interview (BDI) style question for each competency (with sample probes and elaborations for each question); and a Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) scoring/rating sheet for each question. (60 marks)
  • After completing the above, conduct a face-to-face interview using the interview questions developed (do this as a role play with a friend or co-worker).  Record/transcribe the applicant’s responses to the interview questions, and rate each of them using the appropriate BARS set.  The transcribed responses from the interview should be included as an Appendix. (20 marks)
  • Prepare at a minimum a one-page double spaced report covering the Hiring Decision: What decision did you make based on the interview and why?  Make sure you explain the reasons for your decision, and remember to be consistent in your selection criteria and methods.(20 marks)


Please ensure that your completed assignment meets the following requirements.

ContentYour word processed report should include: Cover page which clearly states your name, student number, and the name of the assignmentTable of contentsInterview planHiring decision reportAppendix (interview questions and applicant responses).
Format:Word processed, double-spaced, spellchecked, your name on first page, page numbering on every page. The maximum font size is Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12
File Type:Save the File as Word Document Format (.docx)
File Name:XXXy.asgn2.docx where XXX is replaced by your last name, and y is replaced by your first initial.
References:For references, quote and cite the source.  Example:  “XXX”, (Belcourt & McBey, p. 127)
Due Date:Please check the Timeline (in Course Information) for the due date for each assignment. Submit no later than 10 pm EDT or EST.

Marking Criteria:

Please see How assignments will be marked (in Assignments).

How to submit your assignment:

  • Submit your file in the Assignment area. Once there, click the link for the assignment you wish to submit, then attach your file in Section 2, Assignment Materials.

For help submitting your assignment, please see How to Use Blackboard & Submit Assignments (in Course Information).

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