Recruitment & Selection: Individual Assignment #1

Diane Ouellette, VP Food Service at Wilson Bros, Toronto Office, has come to you with a proposal. She has been concerned about the decrease in margins that have been occurring in the food service sector over the last few years as a result of intense price competition at many of Wilson Bros food service customers. As a result, she is looking for other opportunities to sell various Wilson Bros products, and has specifically targeted both the provincial and federal government. She believes she could obtain a large federal government contract for food service products on behalf of the company.  She has heard, however, that obtaining a federal government contract may have implications on other areas of the business, including the recruitment of employees, so she has come to you for guidance in this regard. She has been advised as well that should her sales efforts be successful, she would require a significant increase in staff including management, direct sales personnel, and support staff at the Toronto sales location. She wants to get started right away. You are aware, however, that you should provide information on all key elements of the legislation involved that impact on recruitment, in addition to those which may be related to a federal government contract.

Diane has asked for an executive summary from you, outlining the legislation that she will need to consider in the hiring process. Upon reviewing this request, you have determined that the summary needs to contain information on the Ontario Human Rights Code (1990) and the federal Employment Equity Act (1995).

Case Scenario written by Charles Purchase, Seneca College; edited by Robert D. Winkler, Seneca College


Write an executive summary (business report) to Diane Ouellette, VP Food Service at Wilson Bros, that answers the following questions:

  1. What are the major provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code (1990) and the federal Employment Equity Act (1995) that impact on the recruitment and selection of employees? (50 Marks)
  2. Outline and briefly explain three action items (in specific terms) you would recommend the company implement to ensure compliance with both the Ontario Human Rights Code (1990) and the federal Employment Equity Act (1995). (25 Marks)
  3. What are the penalties for non-compliance for each piece of legislation? (25 Marks)


Please ensure that your completed assignment meets the following requirements.

ContentYour report should include: Cover page which clearly states your name and the name of the assignmentTable of contentsIntroductionAnswer to Question #1Answer to Question #2Answer to Question #3
Format:Word processed, double-spaced, spellchecked, your name on first page, page numbering on every page. The maximum font size is Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12.
File Type:Save the File as Word Document Format (.docx)
File Name:XXXy.asgn1.docx where XXX is replaced by your last name, and y is replaced by your first initial.
References:For references, quote and cite the source. Please ensure you consistently follow either the MLA or the APA referencing standards. Consult Seneca College’s “Guide to Citing Sources” at
Due Date:Please check the Timeline (in Course Information) for the due date for each assignment. Submit no later than 10 pm EDT or EST.

Marking Criteria:

Please see How assignments will be marked (in Assignments).

How to submit your assignment:

  • Submit your file in the Assignment area. Once there, click the link for the assignment you wish to submit, then attach your file in Section 2, Assignment Materials.
  • For help submitting your assignment, please see How to Use Blackboard & Submit Assignments (under Course Information).

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