Develop a written plan for your project.  

  1. This written plan should be in APA format and supported with source citations and references.  
  2. This plan should be supported with a theory for change and /or quality improvement. 
  3. This plan should include the project goals and objectives and identification of key stakeholders. 
  4. Included should be a task list, accountability assignments and projected deadline dates. 
  5. The project is to be implemented, so these dates need to be within the time of this class.  This is a good time to do a force field analysis too. 

Helpful resources

Change Theory/ Improvement Theory

Palumbo, D. (2018, November). Mastering change management. Voice of Nursing Leadership 16(6), 18-19.  Download Palumbo, D. (2018, November). Mastering change management. Voice of Nursing Leadership 16(6), 18-19. 

Mind Tools (2012). Force field analysis: analyzing the pressures for and against change.  Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)


Tips for Writing Outcome Objectives (Links to an external site.)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2009).  Evaluation Briefs Writing Smart Objectives  (Links to an external site.)

How to Write Goals, Objectives and Outcomes that Grant Funders Will Love! (Links to an external site.)

Tips for Writing Goals and Outcomes (Links to an external site.)

Project Planning

American Society for Quality (n.d.). Project Management Project Planning Process Retrieved from

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