In the final project for this course, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about leading and addressing ethical concerns in the industry. You will respond to the situation presented in the following scenario.


Imagine that you are the manager of the medical records department of a small community hospital. It has recently come to light that employees in your department regularly access confidential personal and medical information about people they know personally. The information is not relevant to their jobs, and they use it for their own personal information. In addition, they are sharing this information by gossiping about it with their coworkers.

You found out about the inappropriate accessing of information when a patient’s attorney contacted the hospital alleging that his client’s confidential information was made public when the client enrolled her child in a local summer day camp. Due to cultural and religious reasons, the child’s mother has chosen not to immunize her child, and your employees accessed this information from confidential medical records and shared it with others in the community. A recent outbreak of mumps in the area has people on alert and, not understanding the cultural and religious implications of the mother’s choice, the community reacted strongly to finding out about the immunization history of the child. The day camp did not admit the child, and the family is being ostracized from community activities as well as social interactions.

In the first part of this project, you addressed the enterprise-wide breach of ethical practice and understanding by developing a change-management plan for necessary cultural changes within the department. In the second part of the project, you will develop a personal and professional development plan for an employee who supports the change and will retain his or her job.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcome:

· Construct professional development plans for health information management employees that address targeted changes in supporting an enterprise wide culture of diversity


In this part of the assessment, you will create a professional development plan for one of your employees who supports the change you are trying to make. To do this, you will complete the Professional Development Template provided.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your professional development plan:

I.     Complete the provided template to create a professional development plan for one employee who will be staying with the department. You must do the following in your plan

A. Develop professional goals for the employee that demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices and a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. What are the key performance indicators?

B. Determine the employee’s role in contributing to the department change-management plan. What are the performance measures and expectations?

 C. Determine a timeline for the employee to track the progress of and reach the professional goals.

Guidelines for Submission: Fill out each section of the provided template to create your professional development plan.

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