short story-essay pairings:

Choosing varied resources adds depth to a student’s understanding of the characters, theme, setting, or conflict of a novel. By building their background knowledge through paired texts, students are able to make more connections, which will increase both their enjoyment and understanding of the novel. Using paired texts within a novel unit also allows for exposure to, and analysis of multiple genres. Creating Novel units that include a diverse set of paired texts gives the students the opportunity to work towards mastery of both fiction and nonfiction reading standards.

Read Jackson, “The Lottery” (1948) AND James Boswell, “On War”

-I will upload those reading materials on the file section

– James Boswell, “On war”

– you can find “On War”reading on file name:50 essays_ A Portable Anthology(PDFDrive) on page 144

Presentations of Jackson and Boswell:

This is short story-essay pairing presentations. After reading the two readings mentioned above, my partner and I have to present about the two readings. We divided our parts. My partners present about the Jackson, “The Lottery”. And my job present the James Boswell,  “On War”. But this is short-story pairings so, you have to read both Jackson and James short stories and talks about two story relationships!!

Your job is to write down what I have to say when I present about James Boswell , “On War”. To analyze a text pairing, guide them towards making deeper connections with these thinking prompts:

The things I have to present/talk are:

– You can do James Boswell, “On War” reading like the prompts shown in the picture above.

-Plot or Summary

-Point of view

-Author’s purpose


– Subject or Topic


 -rhetorical aspects:  ex) Tone, Mood, Allusion… / also provide quotes with page # !!

what that quotes represents?


-How are the texts (Jackson, “The Lottery” and James “On War”) similar, connected  or related?

How does reading the(Jackson, “The Lottery” and James “On War”) together make me see things I might not had read them separately?

-I have to present 10 minutes ( no more than 10 minutes)

Your job is to write down what I have to say when I present about James Boswell , “On War”

I’m going to read what you wrote(after writer finish this order) when I present it.

            – It needs to be smooth and harmonious!!

So, please follow the instructions above and write down what I have to say when I present it!!

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