These are semi-rough notes made when Bunny Paine-Clemes read into a voice recognition system, Dragon.  These notes are from lectures online.

Notes on History: “A lie agreed upon” Joseph Selbie,   September 22, 2011

The quote above is Napoleon referring to fairly recent history but has been used many times. It is “easy for the prehistoric record to be distorted” to serve various agendas.

The mainstream view is Darwinian evolution. It gave birth to paleontology “search for primitive man.” Some hoaxes, misstated, various species skeletons put together.

3.5 million years ago, the earliest hominids walk the planet. 20,000 years ago came the current human: at least this is the current view. It’s also applied to the development of civilizations. According to this theory, chance mutations led to higher survival and were therefore preserved. Fire, the wheel pottery, etc., made people more dominant: straight line of development.

Mainstream view: Hunter gatherers 30,000 BC-8000 BC, evolutionary step forward, people gathered in bands. Descending Treta Yuga: 8000 BC, first primitive settlements – Jericho(6000 BC) Catal Hayuk (6500 BC) Turkey, Hunter gatherers coming together in cities for protection. Neolithic Revolution (5000-3000 BC) fired pottery, while, irrigation, domesticated animals and foods. It was as if the man woke up to his potential. Some individual figured something out and transformed man to civilized.

Birth of civilization: (3000 BC) descending Dwapara Yuga, Sumaria, Babylonia, Egypt: trading centers, stratification of society, writing, metallurgy (Bronze Age), straight line from chance discoveries.

Kali Yuga, Iron Age: Greeks ,democracy, philosophy: “another significant step forward.” Romans, Iron Age, engineering:

500 BC, 250 BC Greeks

250 BC 500 A.D. Romans

Renaissance: astronomy, mathematics, birth of science.

“It’s quite easy to pick facts that fit the prevailing theory and ignore” the anomalies. Each phase builds upon the next. The foregoing is the mainstream view.

The Yuga view: Darwinian evolution is clearly true as applies to the development of the species. It’s clear we have hominid types. But were these stages primitive? Were they intelligent? The assumption is they were not. Homo sapiens (200,000 BC). Recent discovery: hobbit man. Cave several feet below surface. Existed 30,000 years ago, along with Homo sapiens. Looks like Australopitheus, the oldest hominid. Used tools. Ideas about him being “super primitive” are not true. Paleontology has moved on without comment. This discovery “calls into question this neat idea of human development.” “There’s no proof” he wasn’t as smart as we are. The Neanderthal probably interbred with Homo sapiens. There are Neanderthal traits in our species in DNA. Neanderthal is at least 1 million years old. “The picture is getting fuzzier.”

The Yuga view: Hunter gatherer, 30,000 BC – 8000 BC “probably not true, wouldn’t have had the need for sophisticated buildings and towns.” La Marche cave, 13,500 BC, shows images of people, “not what we expected primitive hunter gatherers.” “They have character. They’re real people being drawn and rendered by an artist.”

Neolithic non-revolution: ages much earlier than “Neolithic renaissance.” Fired pottery 13,000 BC: pottery and plows back much longer, also domesticated animals. In five separate locations around the world. We’ve had these innovations for thousands of years before moving in to civilized towns. Fits with the yugas better: man had knowledge of material things but didn’t name them: could manifest food and other needs and had mild climate.

Descending Dwapara Yuga: birth of civilization? Living in cities fit the consciousness of the time,  “Bronze Age civilization, in vivo dentistry,” Bay of Cambay, India: underwater city. Rediscovery of a street plan, evidence of sophisticated buildings. Mehrgahr, Pakistan (6500 BC), Sanskrit, oldest the Vedas (7300 BC) straight liners say that writing was important in the rise of civilization highly suspect dating for the rise of writing. Consciousness changed, so people decided they wanted to live in cities with hierarchies.

We can see a clear arc of downward then upward development in the Kali yugas. The Roman Empire is a good example. It was established about 500 BC as a Republic. Periodically it appointed a dictator “when things got sticky.” But they always gave up the dictator system. Then Julius Caesar was pronounced “dictator for life.” And the power of the Senate diminished. Rome began to degrade by 100 A.D. which some scholars say was the height. Trajan ordered an entertainment in which 10,000 died. You see this same pattern all over the world. Same with Alexander, Chinese Ching emperors. There is a “wave of consolidation,” then by 200 A.D. “these kingdoms that had been gathered together fell apart.” The Persian Empire was in tatters by 500 A.D. The Indian Empire Golden age fell. Central America and Mexico destroyed 600 A.D. Mayans, Central America, we know less about South America, but there were no great civilizations.

Then the trend reverses itself. Charlemagne, with the aid of the Catholic Church,, nd colonial empires given back: consciousness of the page just wouldn’t let them hang onto these properties any longer.”

Golden age of Greece: knowledge “just disappeared.” Individualism, man-centered humanism, also in China and India. “Then it died out.” Without the copying of manuscripts “we would never have known about these things. It couldn’t maintain itself. Between 1600 and 1800 years disappeared. Reappeared about 1350 A.D., Petrarch, Galileo, subject matter reaffirmed reason and humanism. A methodical use of science.”

Mainstream view: Copernicus and Galileo were the first with the heliocentric theory; it was a revolution; religious orthodoxy had to let go. But Pythagoras wrote that the Earth rotated around the sun in the descending Yuga. Aristarchus, his pupil, wrote it; was threatened and recanted. We lost the knowledge for the same kind of reason: Orthodox religion, the thinking of the day made it unpopular.

We lost mechanical knowledge: steam power, Antikathera Device, astronomical calendar, eclipses, phases of Venus, windmills, water wheels. After 200 A.D. there is no evidence of them. In 800 A.D. they started to come back. Around 500 A.D. “the slate was wiped clean.” Chinese Emperor Chang

had all the scrolls,overall knowledge, destroyed. The library of Alexandria and Rome were destroyed. From the viewpoint of the yugas it would all pick up again. This negates the straight line. The Indian sage Yogananda has said man has been on earth in a civilized stage for 50 million years.

Evidence of previous Yuga Cycles Joseph Selbie, November 17, 2011

mainstream view: tool user, 200,000 years ago, Homo sapiens, hunter gatherers. 10,000 BC, started to develop, 3000 BC created cities.

A question has arisen, “why isn’t there abundant evidence? Where are the New York City’s of prior cycles?” The earth is extremely hard on physical evidence.” Today’s cities “might last only 1000 years.” In the Discovery series an episode called “natural processes” talks about how life would continue after the destruction of New York City or some such place. First the water would begin to seep in where it didn’t belong. The subway tunnels in New York City would flood within one day without electricity. The first things to go would be paper and wood weeks to months to years. Next, metal. There is a picture of a truck that 50 to 75 years ago was discarded near great Salt Lake; it has degraded to almost nothing. At Chernobyl people left it a ghost town, and in 30 years an amusement park had been overgrown with a hill. In the next stage of degradation dirt was blown in by the wind and plants took root. The seals that are currently in place in buildings would gradually dry up and harden, and weather would get in Water and plants would come in and windows fall out. This is at between 50 and 100 years. Rust from water would form. At 2 to 300 years all the skyscrapers in a city like New York would fall over. The plants would go to work even more. In 1000 years New York City would appear to be a hilly area of greenery. This is what thousands of pyramids went through in Central America; thousands of pyramid-shaped hills now exist from pyramids, and these were put up in Kali Yuga, 1500 years ago, but are now “unrecognizable as buildings.”

Imagine this: for 24,000 years, a more or less complete erasure of a civilization like our own. Stone is the one thing that tends to endure more than any other: why archaeologists speak of the Stone Age: “that’s all that survived.”

Other forces are more rapid and more destructive: Earthquakes, volcanoes: tens of thousands of people were left on more Earth after one. Reflected away the sunlight for decades. The impact of asteroids: the destruction of the dinosaurs and the origin of the flood myths. Madagascar, huge wavelike structures on the shores closest to that impact point. Same on eastern shores of Africa, India, Saudi Arabia,. [shows photo of Pangaea] flood stories are around this point in time. Continental drift (plate tectonics), the most destructive of all. Indian subcontinent crashed into the continental plate and moved and continues to move the Himalayas upward. This occurred 75 million years ago and more.

The ice ages: perhaps the most destructive force was glaciation for the North: vast grinding destruction that reshapes the very earth plus causing extreme sea level change. For 2.3 million years we’ve been in an Ice Age with permanent ice 15 to 18,000 years ago was the last glacial maximum: glaciers had spread down into what is now the US the great scouring created the Great Lakes. Glaciation leaves basically nothing behind, a massive grinding and cleansing of the slate. The cycle of ice ages causes extreme sea level changes, drowning and destroying large areas. During glacial maximums the sea level gets lower. Some cities built hundreds of miles from where coastlines are today. Bahamas and the continental shelf are fairly shallow. People would have been living on what is now the Bahamas level shelf. The comments literally rise themselves an evenly as ice leaves them.

Even despite these depredations there is surviving evidence.

The Brassempouy Venus Ivory 35,000 years old

Chauvet Cave, France, 35,000 years ago;  beautiful horse pictures near Lasceaux, including perspective, remarkably good drawing, 17,000 years ago

Carved python sculpture Tsadilo hills, Botswana Africa, 90,000 years old. “You can still see the scales on the sculpture, enormous, sophisticated.” There’s a joke: archaeologists always think drawings are religions.

Inlaid tile floor discovered in a construction site in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in strata that is 200,000 years old, discovered from a construction project, a deliberately made tile floor, also post holes with mortar in the joints.

Lawn Ridge, Illinois, a coin discovered from digging a well, copper, uniform thickness, cut edges, found in strata 200,000 to 400,000 years old, with images on it that nobody could recognize.

Woven fabric in Amber, Kahnin, Russia, 25 billion years old, mortar and pestl e found nearby, modern human skeleton in strata under,  Table Mountain, California: 50 million years ago. From gold mine founnd during the gold rush.

In Yellowstone 600,000 years ago there was a super volcano.

Evidence we haven’t found: Dr. Sarah Parcah, University of Alabama ,has done a study of the Nile Delta with infrared satellite. The images revealed 17 undiscovered pyramids. We have uncovered and studied “a tiny fraction of what’s reachable upon the earth.” She has found thousands of structures that no one has known was there before. Egypt is a special case because it is a desert. It is barren land, easy to see through. If we could see, would we find it all over the world? Yes.

Pyramids in Bosnia? Miles of tunnels, ancient steps under a grassy pyramid will shake. Ancient tunnels. The archaeological process is time intensive and therefore cost intensive, massively expensive. No one can find the funding and interest to excavate it

Antikathera Device: some items we don’t recognize because we don’t understand their purpose. This device came from a higher age and was much later found. Brought up from the ocean, an island off the coast of Greece, 1900. It sat in a museum for 60 years; the curator began to think it was sophisticated.;50 years later there was more interest last 10-15 years modern imaging techniques have been used.   There are 1 2 3 gears,  highly sophisticated astronomical computer, could calculate eclipses ,phases of Venus,  built first century A.D.

Evidence we don’t recognize: advanced knowledge of breeding and hybridization? Ancient genetic manipulation? Domesticated animals and grains? The argument is that the dog couldn’t possibly have been domesticated from the gray wolves. The dog has DNA 100,000 years distant from what is found in the common gray wolves. We believe the dog was domesticated 10 to 15,000 years ago. But they originated a separate species far earlier. Some scientists believe domesticated grain was hybridized  many thousands of years ago not accidentally but quickly in the last 10,000 years. There are many studies of ancient screws and gold necklaces found in the 19th century; none have survived, only stories. A metal screw was found in a rock during silver mining: the screw itself had rusted away ; only the imprint had remained.

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