Cardiac Care Specialty

To prepare and develop your journal entry:

During your practicum time, as you note experiences and anecdotes that are instructive for you as an advanced nurse, consider how you might use those examples as an advanced nurse.
Reflect on how you can integrate clinical expertise in your work as an advanced nurse educator.
As you develop the journal entry outlined below, keep in mind that your goal is to provide a narrative account that captures your clinical experiences and demonstrates how you are advancing and applying your knowledge in the area of quality as it applies to advanced physical assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology.
Review the QSEN Competencies ( to an external site.) related to quality as you prepare for your journal entry.
Journal Entry 2 (450–500 words)

Describe a selected, observed activity or situation. (Note: This should not be more than half a page)
Explain what you observed in the context of quality indicators in your specialty of interest. Use the Learning Resources and/or the best available evidence from current literature to support your explanation.
Explain at least one way you might integrate quality measures into an educational setting to advance the skills and knowledge of nursing students, staff, or patient populations. Support your response with specific observations from your practicum, quality indicators, and use the Learning Resources and/or the best available evidence from current literature to support your explanation.
Include APA-style citations and references.

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