In the practical classes you will have attempted to prepare cells for karyotype analysis and to observe chromosomal spreads using a simple dye based technique, Giemsa staining.

For the assessment you are asked to complete the following:

  1. Write a summary of the practicals to explain the methods used.  This is not asking you to reproduce the protocol but to give an overview of the method and explain the purpose of each procedure achieved. One example would be the treatment of cells with 0.056M KCl.
  2. Write a summary of the results obtained, both your own results and those of the class.  Include images, which should be fully labelled and described.
  3. Comment on the usefulness of the procedures used in the class for detection of genetic disease; what are the limitations and what alternative methods are possible.
  4. Comment on the usefulness of genome sequencing in the management of genetic disease.

The word limit is 1000.  You are advised to write about 250 words for each question.

Text Box: Plagiarism warning
You are reminded that plagiarism is a serious assessment offence. Plagiarism may be defined as taking another person’s work, and passing it off as your own. The University’s regulations for plagiarism allow for penalties up to and including expulsion from the University.
Accordingly, it is strictly not permitted to copy published work, whether in print or on the Internet, and submit it as part of your coursework. Nor are you allowed to submit, as your own, unpublished work written by anyone else, including that of another student. You will also be guilty of plagiarism if you copy work and make only minimal changes to its wording and expression. If you are not the original author of any work, text, data, figures, pictures etc., this must be correctly referenced.
The only exception is that you may occasionally quote an important short phrase where this supports a scientific point you are making. In this case however the quotation must be placed in inverted commas, and the author and source must be given. Otherwise this too will be counted as plagiarism.

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