Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential nominee, has asked you to draft the economic inequality
section of the election platform of the Democratic Party.
1. Which three policies and why would you suggest to reduce the level of economic
inequality in the United States? In explaining why you are suggesting those policies,
provide evidence showing that these policies would address the causes of economic
2. Joe Biden cannot figure out why Frank – a 65 year old white Christian man from rural
Oklahoma – opposes welfare programs that could help him improve his financial
situation. Which explanation would you give to Joe Biden? Provide evidence from social
science research to support your answer.
3. Joe Biden has one more question for you. Could you explain to him whether the rise of
China has increased or decreased the level of economic inequality? Be specific about
how the rise of China has produced the observed effects on economic inequality.

QUESTION 2 (33 points)
China is considering a massive foreign direct investment in Nigeria.
1. What are some reasons why China may want to invest in Nigeria? Mention three factors.
2. The Nigerian government is very interested, but is also concerned about possible negative
effects. Which three requests and why should the Nigerian government make in order to
ensure that Nigerians can benefit from the project?
3. Which conditions should Nigerian union leaders and social activists demand to avoid a
race to the bottom? Explain three requests.
4. What will the effect of an increase of Chinese foreign direct investments in Nigeria be on
the exchange rate between the Chinese and Nigerian currencies?
a. Why?
b. Who will benefit and who will pay the price for this change? Mention two groups
who will benefit and two groups who will pay the price and explain why.

QUESTION 3 (33 points)
Immigration and international trade are two aspects of globalization.
1. Which individuals and why are expected to be most strongly opposed to immigration
according to… (Make sure to explain why for each argument)
a. …the fiscal burden argument?
b. …socio-tropical arguments?
c. …arguments based on national identity?
d. …arguments based on situational triggers?
e. …arguments based on concerns over jobs and welfare services?
2. What is economic nationalism? How can economic nationalism explain the growing
success of radical right parties in times of increased international trade?

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