What are some of the commonalities among religious belief systems that might form a basis for communication? Do the differences among various religious belief systems outweigh the commonalities?
(Examples: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Sikhism Christianity, Shinto,
Doaism, Confucianism)

Here are the specific guidelines for writing the paper:
1. Write a position paper of @ 1600-2000 words in response to the controlling question and related considerations listed above. A position paper is one in which you take a stand on a particular issue or question that you identify in your introductory paragraph, and your thesis statement [included in your introductory paragraph] asserts your position clearly and concisely.
2. In the body of the paper, support the position you take in your thesis; support may be in the form of facts (historical, political, aesthetic, sociological, psychological, etc.), statistics, expert opinion and argumentation, personal experience, logical deliberation, and so on.
3. It is a good idea to bring in specific examples of religious beliefs and attitudes and refer to particular historical or current events to illustrate your supporting points or premises.
4. Additionally, in a separate section of the paper, first present, and then respond to, at least one other possible position in response to these questions. Typically, this will be a position in opposition to yours, but it may simply be an alternative view that does not necessarily oppose your view. It should, however, be a view that you reject in favor of the position you have asserted in your thesis. Be sure to answer any objections or counterclaims to your view that you raise in this section. If you have no response to an important objection, you may need to change your original position.
5. Finally, summarize the argument(s) you have made in support of your thesis and re-state the thesis in an expanded form in your concluding paragraph.
6. Two essential components of this paper are (a) demonstration of your attainment of the Course Learning Outcomes that are relevant to your argument(s); and (b) the incorporation of any relevant philosophical insights you have gained from the assigned readings and other learning materials you have studied throughout the course.
7. Cite at least three credible sources outside the course text and include at least two citations from different sections of the course text, Living Religions (9e) by Mary Pat Fisher. Your sources should be from credible and academically respectable sources. Please note that Wikipedia is not acceptable as one of the three required sources. Use Wikipedia for basic information and as a starting point for more advanced research and a guide to other reliable sources. You may use MLA, APA, or CMS documentation style and formatting guidelines. Choose whichever style best suits your purposes, but note that philosophy papers generally use MLA or CMS.
8. Approach the assignment in a spirit of critical inquiry, which implies a receptive, reasonable, discerning frame of mind that is open to considering different perspectives. A concern for accuracy, precision, and truthfulness is assumed.

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