Project Detail:

Point market and Vietnamese Restaurant, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

              Players: Owner, Production/Vendor, Farmer Market, Etc.

Identify a community partner to investigate an aspect of the food system and identify an
areas of improvement that benefits the community partner and contributes to a more sustainable and resilient food system. The project includes conduct a research review and analysis  to understand the issue, create and execute the project and evaluate the results

Here are some planning details to consider: 

  • What is the purpose for the community partner? What activities are related to this?  Nonprofits have missions and may have strategic plans, lists of activities may be on their social media sites.  Businesses have goals for sales, marketing, etc. 
  • Consider their activities and sustainability
    • What population demographics do they involve?  What social and cultural values, traditions and beliefs do they support? 
    • What health outcomes are related to the partner? Consider food and nutrition as it relates to physical and mental health. 
    • What are their economic goals?  Nonprofit orgs may rely on donations or grants, profit orgs or businesses must control costs and sales. 
    • What are ecological impacts of their organization or activities? 
    • What agricultural impacts result from their activities? Remember decreasing carbon footprint and increasing biodiversity are the two most important changes for the planet. Local or regional foods may support this best. 

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