As per the syllabus, the books you may choose from include:

All the Flowers Kneeling – Paul Tran

Customs – Solmaz Sharif

The Wild Fox of Yemen – Threa Almontaser

 frank: sonnets – Diane Seuss

The Renunciations – Donika Kelly

Sho – Douglas Kearney

Your assignment is to write a 4-6 page paper analyzing one work from the list above. Your analysis can include close reading of a specific poem or few, can include close reading of a section of your chosen book, etc. Each close reading you engage in must tie into your larger analysis and support how you have analyzed the book. You may use outside sources in the form of interviews, essays, etc but you must stick to using these sources as support for your analysis, and not the entirety/bulk/inspiration of your analysis. This is a chance to use your knowledge of poetry learned in this class so far (literary techniques, themes of poetry, and forms of poetry) as well as a chance to develop a different writing voice discussing poetry.

Your guidelines(what I’m grading for) are:

-  At least four pages double spaced (up to six), 12pt font, submitted in the .DOCX form
-  MLA format (including works cited, in text citation, and header)

–  Clarity of your analysis                              –  Support and strength of your analysis (ie: use of specific poems close reading)                                   –  Mention of literary techniques, forms, etc                                  –  Organization (how does the essay flow from point to point, and how are the paragraphs and parts of analyses speaking to each other?                                                                               Your task is NOT to describe what the book is about, or give a ‘review and summary’ of the book of poetry you have chosen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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