Review readings and write summary of readings 500 words per post.

Assignment 1

Review readings and write summary of readings 500 words per post.

DB Prompt 1:  Johnson and Hackman Chapters 1 and 2 Hackman and Johnson concluded that communication is irreversible. Please share your thoughts regarding the implications this conclusion has for leadership and communication.

The length of an original post should be approximately 500 words.  Candidates should complete readings before engaging in discussion board discourse. Comments will be reviewed for originality, demonstrated (cited) evidence as well as substance. Please consider Netiquette guidelines in creating your post and responses.  

Assignment 2:

DB Prompt 2:  Johnson and Hackman Chapters 3 and 4

What is charisma? Do all leaders possess charisma? What is the impact of charisma in leadership?

Post should be approximately 500 words.

Assignment 3:

DB Prompt 3: Johnson and Hackman Chapters 5 and 6

Hackman and Johnson discuss powerful and powerless communication. Please make an assessment of your leader’s communication in view of Hackman and Johnson’s powerful and powerless communication.

Post should be approximately 500 words.

Assignment 4:

DB Prompt 4: Johnson and Hackman Chapter 7 and 8

Hackman and Johnson concluded that trust is essential in organizations. What are the indispensable ingredients that a leader must be aware of when building trust in the organization?

Post should be approximately 500 words.

Assignment 5:

DB Prompt 5: Johnson and Hackman Chapter 9 and 10

Diversity in organizations presents challenges for leaders. Increasingly, employees in organizations will possess diverse characteristics, religion, language, background, identification, and lifestyles. In addition, employees in organizations will hail from different generations. What leadership competency(ies) do you recommend to leaders to navigate the challenge of organizational diversity?

Post should be approximately 500 words.

Assignment 6:

DB Prompt 6: Johnson and Hackman Chapter 11 and 12 Leadership has almost always been linked to conduct and behavior. Good conduct and behavior, for sure. A good leader was considered to be a good person.  At least in the eyes of his or her followers.  We know now, based on perspective of course, that leaders cannot always be categorically called good. Leadership, invariably has to address the internal shortfalls of a leader. What should followers hold leaders accountable for in an ethical and moral sense?

Post should be approximately 500 words.

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