Please discuss the health promotion topic plan that I have selected using PDSA MODEL steps for change. Use the example paper that I have attached as a guide. Use 3 current population health, health promotion articles to support. Follow the 5 numbers bellow to meet the paper standard.

My health promotion program plan is:

Reducing stigma of mental health in my community.

  1. As you envision your future integrated care of nurse practitioner role, identify one (1) mental health promotion topic you might be interested in addressing.

Reducing stigma of mental health in my community.

  • Select and read three (3) articles that relate to population health, health promotion programs, or health institutions focused on implementing Reducing stigma of mental health in the community.
  1. Discuss your health promotion program using the PDSA MODEL steps for change.
  2. Include in your discussion how you would integrate evidence-based strategies in achieving your health promotion objectives using AHRQ, QI, or IHI indicators. Be sure to use and cite all scholarly references using APA format (including the two articles you read) for credit.
  3. Limit your plan to a maximum of 5 double spaced pages (not including cover page or references).


Goal: Reducing stigma of mental health in my community.


Proposed changes: Reducing stigma of mental health in our community.

Prepare educational pamphlet about mental health stigma for patients and community By the nurse practitioner (NP)

Prepare ten questions assessment to evaluate staff knowledge about stigma in the healthcare. By the nurse practitioner (NP)

Advice clinic staff members to be educated about the impact of stigma about mental health.

Who is responsible: Clinic secretory, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and clinical coordinator.

When to be implemented: June 24th, 2023 to September 24, 23

Location: Outpatient clinic and in the community churches and schools.

DO (plan implementation):

  1. NP will assess all patients about patient’s personal, family or community knowledge and experiences of stigma of mental health. By Nurse Practitioner effective June 24th, 2023 to September 24, 23, in the clinical office
  2. Provide one-hour monthly education for three months to all the clinic staff members in the outpatient clinic to increase staff awareness of stigma in the healthcare field.
  • Provide pamphlets to every patient and offer to share with their family and community. By Nurse practitioner effective June 24, 2023 to September 24, 23 in the clinic office
  • Place additional educational pamphlets in local community churches and schools. By clinic secretory and clinic coordinator effective June 24, 2023 to September 24, 23.

Predicted outcome:

  1. Patients will trust healthcare team, feel comfortable discussing their illness, and seek mental health treatment thus will increase clinic visit by 10% in three months.
  • Staff’s knowledge and awareness about mental health stigma will increase.
  • Quality of patient care treatment in the clinic will improve
  • Patient care satisfaction will increase

How to measure the success of proposed change:

  1. Audit patient visitation records before and after the plan is completed.
  2. Evaluate staff awareness and knowledge about mental health stigma and its impact on patients in three months.
  3. Ask survey questions to measure patient care and community treatment satisfaction


Not yet started.


Raj C. T. (2022). The effectiveness of mental health disorder stigma-reducing interventions in the healthcare setting: An integrative review. Archives of psychiatric nursing39, 73–83.

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