You are now the senior vice president of HR for CeleTek and the board of directors has promoted a new chief executive officer who has a background in human resources. She wants to integrate HR into mainstream organizational decision making and leverage its programs to influence a broad set of organizational goals and objectives. The plan is ambitious and will demand many changes and initiatives. For this assignment, you will consider all the materials in the course and select topic areas that can support the framework for Cele Tek’s new goals and objectives. Complete the following:

Analyze components of human capital models that align to human resource management strategy.
Evaluate how a strategic human resource perspective drives organizational success.
Examine how internal and external economic and demographic shifts change how human resource strategies respond to those changing conditions.
Provide HRM recommendations linked to CeleTek’s organizational goals and objectives. 

** Below are some background information of topics that may help**
Unit 2 – HRM Data, Metrics, and Analytics. Dashboards provide useful data and information portals that can array outputs helpful in making decisions. While dashboards do not possess the capability to frame expert technical HR questions or serve as a source of complete answers to very complicated questions, HR professionals can contribute to these discussions.
Unit 3 – Human Capital: Workforce Planning. This macro-level function looks at the organization in broad occupational categories. Workforce management involves planning and implementing HR strategy at all levels of the organization and its programs, including succession planning, high-potential employee groups, and leadership development programs.
Unit 7 – Organizational Design and Structures and Unit 8 – Change Management. It is important to keep in mind the material presented about ways of implementing change and organizational restructuring, as both are key to organizational success and human resources management strategy. 

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