ACOTE Objectives: Upon completion of this capstone project, the student will show mastery in the following ACOTE Objectives.

ObjAcote Standard
B.1.1Demonstrate knowledge of: · The structure and function of the human body to include the biological and physical sciences, neurosciences, kinesiology, and biomechanics. · Human development throughout the lifespan (infants, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults). Course content must include, but is not limited to, developmental psychology. · Concepts of human behavior to include the behavioral sciences, social sciences, and science of occupation.
B.1.3Demonstrate knowledge of the social determinants of health for persons, groups, and populations with or at risk for disabilities and chronic health conditions. This must include an understanding of the epidemiological factors that impact the public health and welfare of populations.
B.2.1Apply scientific evidence, theories, models of practice, and frames of reference that underlie the practice of occupational therapy to guide and inform interventions for persons, groups, and populations in a variety of practice contexts and environments.
B.2.2Define the process of theory development and its importance to occupational therapy.
B.3.2Demonstrate knowledge of and apply the interaction of occupation and activity, including areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, context(s) and environments, and client factors.
B.3.5Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of disease processes including heritable diseases, genetic conditions, mental illness, disability, trauma, and injury on occupational performance.
B.3.6Demonstrate activity analysis in areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, context(s) and environments, and client factors to implement the intervention plan.
B.4.1Demonstrate therapeutic use of self, including one’s personality, insights, perceptions, and judgments, as part of the therapeutic process in both individual and group interaction.
B.4.2Demonstrate clinical reasoning to address occupation-based interventions, client factors, performance patterns, and performance skills.
B.4.3Utilize clinical reasoning to facilitate occupation-based interventions that address client factors. This must include interventions focused on promotion, compensation, adaptation, and prevention
B.4.9Demonstrate an understanding of the intervention strategies that remediate and/or compensate for functional cognitive deficits, visual deficits, and psychosocial and behavioral health deficits that affect occupational performance.


  1. This will be an individual project. You will be assigned a specific diagnosis listed below:

Cataracts/Low Vision/Macular Degeneration

  • Research groups within the DFW area in which physical activity is not provided for individuals with your assigned condition and determine what type of group activity would best serve this population. Examples might include weight lifting groups, swimming groups, etc. 
  • Once you have determined which programs your organization will demonstrate you will, locate at least two research articles in which a program has been developed in the past and determine
    • Program strengths
    • Program weaknesses
    • Program funding
    • Participant outcomes
  • Create a  yearly budget and identify the following:
    • Potential income (ex. Admission participants must pay, grants, etc.)
    • Potential expenses (ex. Equipment needed, salary for workers, food, etc.)
    • How you plan to raise funds (ex. Grant-explain where you would apply and process, admission-how much, how affordable admission will be for your client, donations- again, which organizations, what objects, etc.)
  • Design your program’s specific operating details including: 
    • Program Goals
    • Program objectives
    • Duration of program
    • Activities during the program (explain how the activities can be adapted and graded for a client’s individualized needs)
    • Location
    • Staff (may include volunteers, nurses, etc.)
    • What activities or actions you will do differently to improve upon a previously run program such as the ones you researched
  • Create a marketing strategy and explain
    • How you plan to market your program to the client
    • How you plan to promote your program among other health professionals
    • Create a mission and vision statement 
    • Develop at least one marketing flyer you plan to use in promoting your program
  • Present your project in class using a PowerPoint presentation and sharing your marketing materials.  Your project turned in will be minimum of 10 slides without cover or references. Your presentation must last minimum of 30 minutes if not you will lose points. 


Grading Rubric

Objective:Unacceptable: 0-3Below Standards: 4-6Meets Standards: 7-8Above Standards: 9-10
Complete gap analysis has been completed clearly articulating the need for your type of exercise program    
Evidence-Based Practice and clinical reasoning is clearly articulated throughout the report    
A realistic budget with reasonable income and expenses is illustrated    
A clear strategy on how to raise funds is demonstrated    
Operational procedures of your program including a detailed list of activities and staff responsibilities is demonstrated    
A clear marketing budget is displayed which draws both community interest and interest of healthcare workers to work in your program    
APA format is properly used throughout your written report, PowerPoint and marketing materials    
All written materials are clutter free and easy for the reader to follow    
Spelling and grammar are correct consistently throughout all written materials     
Presentation lasts 30 minutes     


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