Instructions: The disease is epilepsy. Your objective is to fully explore the disease process from a nursing perspective including pathophysiology, presentation and prognosis.

  • What dysfunction is causing the disease?
  • What signs and symptoms will the patient have?
  • What is the overall prognosis of the disease?
  • What kind of patient and family teaching or resources are appropriate?

PAPER LENGTH – 5-8 pages not including abstract and reference pages.

STYLE GUIDE – Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (7th ed.).

Required Elements: (This is your outline)

Title page: see APA style guide and student paper exemplar

Abstract: 100 – 150 words that summarizes briefly what the paper will discuss.

Introduction: A brief literature summary about the disease process. (3-4 paragraphs)

Describe why it is significant or important – is it rare, common, specific to ethnic groups, genders, ages? Does it have a genetic aspect? Acute or Chronic? Leads to other diseases? Life-threatening?


  • Causes, etiology of the disease
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Laboratory/diagnostic findings
  • Medications/treatments
  • Outcomes/Prognosis


Discuss the nursing implications –

  • Identify teaching priorities for the client – what will the client need to know to manage disease? This should include recommendations for educational or community resources for clients or their family members. For example, a client with heart disease may need nutrition information and might benefit from a local support group. (be sure to cite these references and provide the web address if on the Internet).


• Summarize your findings with a brief conclusion. (Should be no more than one or two paragraphs).


• You must cite at least 5 peer-reviewed scholarly articles. References must be no more than 5 years old. Remember to include in-text citations.

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