Assignment 2.2: Short Story CRT

You will now take your 1.4 outline and the feedback from your teacher to create a polished and final copy of your essay.

Step 1Compose a rough draft of a critical essay using your 1.4 outline and the feedback from your teacher. Remember, this is the focus of your essay: In relation to one of the Essential Questions, explore the main character’s transformation.  Review the 1.4 instructions. •Remember to provide commentary (elaborate on your ideas and examples) and don’t simply put the information from your outline into paragraph format. •When writing paragraphs: integrate quotations, cite in MLA format, and explain their connection to your topic •Review how to integrate or embed, cite in MLA format:
Step 2Edit and revise your rough draft. Use the editing checklist that follows to help you focus your revisions. Contact your teacher if you need assistance incorporating feedback or quotations into your essay.   How many words should you write? In June 2018, Alberta Education created word count guidelines to help students when they write Part A of the Diploma Exam. The word count range lets you know that this essay must be longer than a page, but it doesn’t need to be extremely long.   English 30-1 Diploma Exam Assignment 2 (Critical/Analytical Response to Texts) Alberta Ed’s Recommended Word Count Range   800–1600 words: •The suggested word count range is not a cap. •Word processing programs automatically count the words. Typically, there are around 300 words per typed page, depending on the font size used, spacing, margins, etc. •Students who handwrite critical responses will not be expected to hand count their words, but handwritten pages usually have fewer than 300 words per page, depending on the size of the handwriting, spacing, margins, etc.
Step 3Submit your polished critical essay for assessment.

Editing and Proofreading Checklist

(Taken from English Language Arts Handbook for Secondary Students, p. 112.)

Read through your essay and identify areas requiring revision. Remember that your word processing program can help you with all the areas listed below.

☐Is everything spelled correctly? Have I checked every word I’m not sure about, using a spell checker, or the dictionary? (Remember that MS Word has advanced spelling and grammar settings.)

☐Is my punctuation correct? Have I checked everything I should in the English Language ArtsHandbook for Secondary Students?

☐Have I capitalized everything properly?

☐Are my sentences properly constructed? Have I checked for these grammatical problems?

☐rambling sentences

☐run-on sentences

☐double negatives

☐dangling participles

☐adjectives used where adverbs belong

☐subjective and object pronouns

☐misplaced modifiers

☐pronoun-antecedent agreement

☐subject-verb agreement

☐parallel structure

☐Do all my sentences make sense? Have I accidentally left out words?

☐Do I have variety in my sentence structure?

☐Are my word choices understandable to my audience? Does my word choice make sense in the context of the sentence?

☐Do I use any homophones incorrectly?

☐Have I overused the topic’s keywords in my paragraphs? How can I say it differently?

☐Do I use active voice? Or am I stuck in passive voice?

☐Is my voice/tone appropriate for this kind of writing?

☐Have I considered using a peer editor or editing tools?

  • Advanced MS Word Grammar and Spelling tools. (FileOptionsProofing)
  • The free Hemingway editor at Look for “Write” and “Edit” in the upper right corner. Copy and paste the text into the main part of the screen.
  • The free Grammarly extension at Enter your text. Start with the basic default settings. Read the alerts. Grammarly also works in the background.
Submit your  2.2: Short Story Critical Response to Text Essay here.                              

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