Organizational Behaviour: Individual Assignment 1

40 Marks (10%)

For this assignment, read the instructions and answer the questions.

Before you begin, review the General Instructions for all Written Assignments (in Assignments).


  • Select an organization and identify the various forms of employee rewards that they offer
  • Review the structure and purpose of the rewards – if possible arrange an interview with someone in a managerial position at the company who is responsible for the design and administration of the rewards or who understands the intended purpose of the rewards
  • Prepare and submit a document summarizing your organizational behaviour analysis and a specific analysis of your findings related to the questions below.


  1. Describe the organization’s rewards plans in detail. Include a specific outline of what is communicated to employees. (10 marks)
  • Describe the purpose of each of the organization’s rewards plans. Include an outline of the specific behaviour or outcome the plan is designed to achieve. (10 marks)
  • Using applicable OB theory, identify the type of rewards offered and outline the effectiveness of the rewards plans in achieving the intended outcome(s). Make sure to explain your reasoning and analysis. (10 marks)
  • Provide recommendations on how you would improve the rewards plans or add new rewards. Explain the reasoning for your recommendations. (5 marks)
  • After reviewing the Wilson Bros Case Scenario what recommendations would you have for them with respect to their rewards plans? (5 marks)

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