For the first task in Organisational Behaviour as a summative Coursework, you must write 1500 words.

You should note that any late submission after the above-mentioned date incurs penalties and consequently the submitted work will be marked zero.

The case study is yourself and you should analyse yourself as an individual. You should write academically to analyse yourself and your interactions with other students and members of staff in your organisation. You should apply various theories/ models that you have been taught to support and justify your analysis.

Here below you can find the instructions for this coursework.

The following questions are some ideas that you might use in reflective journaling. In considering your interactions with the members of your group, as you proceed with your group project report and the preparation of group presentation that must submit it at the end of the year. 

You could and should address:

•          How did you motivate yourself and other team members?

•          How do you categorise your personality and characteristics?

•          What is the importance of an understanding of perception and communication?

•          How did you manage a team working so far?

•          What did you contribute to other students and members of staff?

•          What did you learn during this interaction?

•          What did the other members of the group contribute?

•          What are your plans and how are you going to achieve your aims?

•          What is your assessment of how you and other students are functioning?

•          What skills need to be addressed or developed in the group for us to accomplish our goals?

•          What happened in the group process today and how does it relate to something I learned as a Leadership and management.

•          What skillset did I offer the group cohesiveness and team working?

However, across the core topics in OB, as it is listed below, you can apply all the theories and models matching with your experience to support and justify your argument and analysis.

•          The nature of Organisational Behaviour

•          Approaches to Organisational and Management

•          Work motivation and job satisfaction

•          The nature of Leadership and Management

•          Individual differences and Diversity

•          Perception and communication

•          Work Group and teams

•          Strategy and structure

•          Control and power

•          CSR

•          Culture and change

The following dates have been assigned for all the tasks in OB’s Moule.

Term One done
Term TwoIndividual Reflecting Journal Coursework (1500 words + 15%)15%T2W5In process
Case study analysis (1500 Words +10%)15%T3W1In process
Term ThreeGroup Presentation (everyone 5 minutes)20%T3W5In process
Final exam50%TBA- Week starting June 6thIn process

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