Final Paper

The final paper will be written individually on a single specific virtue. The paper should be in APA format (1” margins, 12 point font, double spaced, with APA references). 10 pages

Virtue: optimism

(make sure it is not as an emotion) has to be as a virtue

Introduction giving the name of the virtue and describing the nature of the virtue.

  1. Relationship to the human good, which clarifies how this virtue relates to the human good. Typically, the virtue will be related to one or a few specific human goods (e.g., belonging, knowledge). Be sure to specify how the virtue is necessary to achieve this good or goods and how the virtue contributes to the bringing the good(s) into being.
  2. Structure of the virtue, which includes the dimension of the virtue and the names and descriptions of the vices of deficiency and excess.
  3. Provide at least 2 examples of how the virtue is enacted. This can be mixed into the other sections or form its own section.
  4. Describe the relationship between the virtue and the community. How does the virtue enhance the community and how can the community foster the virtue?
  5. A reference section that includes at least 6 primary sources. A primary source is a scholarly book or journal article. References to popular books, articles, and web sites are acceptable, but they do not count toward the 6 required references.

Assignment steps:

Use the dates on the syllabus as the due dates for these steps

  1. Turn in a statement indicating that you will write a paper or participate in a group presentation. Name the virtue on which you will focus. If you want to participate in a presentation, list the group members with whom you plan to participate or request assistance in forming a group. This statement is your current idea about the virtue you wish to explore. If you decide to change the virtue later, all you have to do is inform me in writing.
  2. Turn in an outline of the final paper. It is important that you take this outline seriously. I will give you feedback about your plans, and I can only give good feedback if you give me a solid outline.
  3. Turn in your reference list for the final paper

Note from teacher:

 Optimism can be a little tricky because it can also be described as an emotional state or as an illusion. It’s not a classical virtue, but Peterson and Seligman include it in their list as hope. You’ll just need to make sure you describe optimism with the features of a virtue as discussed in class to avoid the pitfalls.

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