Portfolio Part 1 –
Behaviour Change and Canada’s Dietary Guidelines


Course Learning Outcomes Covered in Assignment
Outcome #4: Compare the calorie and nutrient content of different foods to develop a balanced diet with adequate nutrient intake.Outcome #5: Evaluate food labels, nutritional claims, trends, and controversies to make informed dietary choices.


General Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to evaluate your current eating habits, to plan strategies to improve them, implement these strategies for one day, and reflect on the changes. It is recommended that you work on this assignment after you have completed Modules 1 and 2. Note that to complete everything will take several days.Before you complete this assignment, please see both the general rubric at the bottom of this description as well as the more detailed one attached to this assignment. It describes the requirements for preparing and submitting your assignments and explains how they will be marked. This assignment consists of three parts – make sure to complete them all.   Canada’s Dietary Guidelines are important to this assignment, and are listed below: Make it a habit to eat a variety of healthy foods each day.Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods.Limit highly processed foods.Make water your drink of choice.Use food labels.Be aware that food marketing can influence your choices.Healthy eating habits are more than the foods you eat.Be mindful of your eating habits.Cook more often.Enjoy your food.Eat meals with others.
Part A: Personal Strategies using Canada’s Dietary Guidelines (10 marks) 2 Pages   Instructions Develop one healthy eating strategy for each of the recommendations (1 – 5) listed below. You will need a total of 5 strategies at the end; one for each bulleted point. Each strategy is a specific plan for you that would improve your diet and lifestyle. Arrange your strategies in a fashion like the example shown in the next section. Your strategies should be SMART: (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely). Make sure you explain how they are ‘SMART.’   Recommendation Guidelines: Be mindful of your eating habits.Use food labels.Make water your drink of choice.Limit highly processed foods.Enjoy your food.   Example: The guideline is something you are going to aim for, and your strategy is the plan you are going to use to get there. I will use this guideline to demonstrate: “Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods.” You will note that I use the first person in all my statements because this plan is mine personally.   My strategy to achieve the guideline is to eat more locally grown vegetables.
Part B: Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits (10 marks) 1- Page   Instructions Although you may have an idea of what you should eat, what you do eat may be influenced by a lot of different things. Using a mind map like the template below, think about and itemize some of the reasons why you eat the way you do; the factors influencing your personal food choices. Determine whether these are positive or negative influences. Explain how they might affect the success (or not) of the strategies you developed in Part A, in no more than 250 words. Then, choose and identify one strategy for which you think you’ll have the most success.  
Part C: Implementation of One Strategy and Reflection (15 marks) – 2 Pages   Instructions Implement the strategy you developed which you identified as the one where you feel you would be most successful in achieving. You can implement this strategy for one day or longer.Share your reflections on the strategy you implemented, in no more than 500 words. Some ideas for reflection include – but are not limited to – the following:Describe how your appetite was affected by implementing the strategy. Discuss any cravings you had for certain foods or beverages.Provide a list of the substitutions that you included in your diet. Discuss whether these substitutions were satisfactory. Did you have any difficulty finding certain foods? Discuss.Did you feel you had enough food skills to achieve your strategy? (i.e. discuss how easy or difficult it was to follow a recipe, compare labels, etc.)Anything else? For example, did you find you saved money, spent more or about the same? Or, did you find you had to tweak the strategy a little to improve it?  
Grammar and Formatting (5 marks)   Instructions: Be sure to incorporate at least three reliable external academic sources as evidence in your submission. The bibliography and in-text citations should follow the APA format.Ensure that correct spelling, grammar, and formatting is properly utilized.Make sure your work is properly organized, by section, with clear headers and divisions.  



Please see the rubric at the end of the document for general assignment breakdown criteria. Please see the ‘Portfolio Rubric’ linked to in the assignment for more specific details about what is expected, in terms of quality of answer, in each section.


Submit your portfolio as one document (compile all the answers), and submit it to the assignment dropbox for this assignment (on Blackboard). Make sure to give it a representative name to make it easy for your facilitator to organize (e.g. Portfolio 1 – StudentName)

Academic Integrity

  As a scholar you are expected to exhibit academic integrity throughout this course.  Academic Integrity is demonstrated by your behaviour and the work you produce.  The work you produce must be your own and be free from plagiarized content – failure to do so could result in serious consequences.  Please refer to the academic integrity/honesty policy of your registering college for more information. To learn more about Academic Integrity and your responsibilities, including how to cite, please visit The Learning Portal – Research Hub.     

Assignment Rubric (General)

Part A: Personal StrategiesAs detailed in section10
Part B: Eating HabitsAs detailed in section10
Part C: Strategy and ReflectionAs detailed in section15
Grammar and FormattingAs detailed in section5
Total Points 40
Weighting 15%

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