Project Overview

As we have studied in class, variables can be paired and studied to see if they have a correlation/relationship. In some cases, the correlation/relationship between the two variables is a linear one.  You are going to examine a sample of two variables from these individuals to see if this relationship exists.
To complete this project you will:

  • Choose your individuals.  (People, Countries, Cities, Counties, Businesses, Teams, Schools, etc.)
  • Choose a pair of quantitative variables from your individuals that you think may have a negative or positive relationship. 
  • Collect a sample of at least 30 pairs of data.  This can be done online, by survey, or by observation.
  • Perform statistical calculations using measures of center and measures of spread.
  • Create a couple of graphs of the data you collected.
  • Perform a statistical analysis using linear regression models.
  • Complete a write up about the project experience to demonstrate how you applied the knowledge.

Individuals and Selection of Variables (6 points)

Explanatory Variable 
Response Variable 

Give your hypothesis on the type of linear relationship you think the variables would have (strong, moderate or weak, positive or negative). Give an explanation on why you believe they would have that relationship. (4 points)

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