The White House

Washington, D.C.

National security options memorandum

TO:                 President Joe Biden

FROM:           National Security Advisor

SUBJECT:       Sanctions on Iran

DATE:            March 14, 2021

Section 1: Background

Discussion of the steps that the Trump administration took regarding sanctioning Iran after withdrawing from the JCPOA (approximately 500 words).

Section 2: US objectives

Include a bullet point list of US objectives as of March 14, 2021 (approximately 150 words).

Section 3: Challenges

Discussion of the challenges associated with lifting US sanctions on Iran and re-entering the JCPOA (approximately 350 words).

Section 4: Possible courses of action

Set out two possible courses of action (approximately 500 words). Justify and recommend one of these courses of action to the President.

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