This assignment can be fun. You will be using music to analyze middle adulthood socioemotional factors. Take these steps to complete this assignment:

  1. Review your text for the major milestones that occur in middle adulthood.
  2. Select 5 current songs and 5 songs that are in the range of 5-10 years old or older if you like.
  3. Listen to the songs with the observational areas in mind. You will then rate each song on each area. See example below:
Observational area:Current songs (5)Older songs (year) (5)
Attitudes toward females: 2 4 2 1 5 = 14/25 3 4 2 5 4 = 18/25
  • In the area below the chart, please list the title of the song, the artist, and year the song was released.
  • You will then answer the analysis questions. It is very important that you demonstrate a command of course concepts and ideas related to middle adulthood related to physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development.

Keep scrolling for the next page for the chart and reflection questions!

Analysis Chart:

Observational area:Current songs (5)Older songs (year) (5)
Attitudes toward females:  
Attitudes toward males:  
Attitudes toward children:  
Attitudes toward teenagers:  
Attitudes toward adults:  
Attitudes toward older adults:  
Attitudes toward love:  
Attitudes toward family:  
Attitudes toward work:  
Attitudes toward country:  
Serving others:  

Song Lists: for each song list the title, artist, and release date. You must have 5 songs for each time period.



Analysis: Demonstrate your understanding of course concepts. Personal thoughts only will not demonstrate this. You must connect to course concepts.

  • What attitudes/values have remained consistently positive/negative over the years? Which have changed considerably?
  • What external events occurred during each time period that might have influenced popular song lyrics?
  • What values seem to appeal to today’s middle-aged people? Why?
  • How do you think song lyrics will change in the next 10 years? Why?

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