IT118—Final Exam Project (2)

Due Date:   April 6th

Project Description:

You are hired to manage a business office.  Your first project on the job is to create a manual of business documents.  The manual will provide basic samples of documents used in the business.  The company uses Microsoft Office in the business.  Your project will include samples of Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint, and integration among the three applications.

Pre-Planning Activities:

Determine the type of business enterprise.  Determine what the specialty is for this business (Retail, Insurance, Marketing, Medical, Accounting, Law, Automobile, Computer/Tech, Criminal Justice, or as it relates to your major, etc.)

Part 1 – MS WORD – 30% of practical exam grade

  1. Company letterhead with logo (you may use clipart or symbols, include address and phone number)
  2. Cover page (Title page for the entire project). This should include project name, the names of each group member, instructor’s name, name of course, and due date/semester.
  3. Word Report/Research paper about the business. Use the Internet to research information on your type of business.  You will consider the following for the report:
  4. You must format the report using APA guidelines.
  5. Background information about your company
  6. Structure of company (number of employees, departments, job positions, and an organizational chart, etc.)
  7. Compensation and benefits
  8. Company’s mission statement, and projections for the next two years—growth, and product/service expansion
  9. A minimum of two sources is required (at least 2 citations)
  10. Your report should be a minimum of two pages, but no more than four pages.
  1. Include placeholders for objects that you will insert/integrate from other applications.  Your Word report should include Excel objects—chart or worksheet data; Power Point object—slide with organizational chart.
  2. Submit the Word Report.

Part 2 – MS EXCEL – 20% of practical exam grade

Create a spreadsheet for the company payroll.  Include the following column headings: Employees, Hours, Pay Rate, Gross Pay, Withholding Taxes, and Net Pay.  (Excel Workbook)

  1. Calculate Gross Pay, Taxes (the tax rate is 12%), and Net Pay.  Pay special attention to your formulas.
  2. Create a pie or column chart to show the employees’ net pay.  Use the employees’ names and Net Pay in the chart.  Place the chart on a chart sheet by itself.
  3. Format the spreadsheet and chart to look professional; save the file. (Follow information on the rubric). Pay attention to detail and design, which will be considered in scoring.
  4. Make sure that you include a Total row and a Total column on your spreadsheet.
  5. Export the Spreadsheet or Chart to appropriate places in the Word report.
  6. Format the spreadsheet with a header or footer, vertical and horizontal centering, and landscape orientation.
  7. Submit the workbook.

Part 3 – MS POWERPOINT – 30% of practical exam grade

Create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting your project–business/company:

  1. The presentation should have a Title slide with the name of your company, (logo is optional), your name, professor’s name, name of course, and the due date.
  2. The presentation should be very concise.  (Use bullets/numbers, no sentences).
  3. Create a slide with the company’s organization chart.  Integrate this slide in your Word report.
  4. Include slides showing the chart that you used in the Excel part of the project. 
  5. Your slides should include graphics (Online pictures, the chart that you used in the Excel part of the project).
  6. There should be 8 to 10 slides.
  7. You must include slide design theme, transitions, animations, and sound.
  8. Print in handouts (multiple slides per sheet as your professor decides).
  9. Each student in the group must present orally at least two slides. Remember to have consistent audience eye contact.

Your Power Point will be used for your in-class presentation on your final exam date.  You may want to create note pages so that you will not forget all the information that you want to convey to your audience. 

Part 4 – Oral Presentation – 20% of the practical exam grade. 

After you complete the Final Exam Project, all components should be submitted to Blackboard.

  1. Cover page
  2. Word report
  3. Excel workbook with chart
  4. Power Point presentation (multiple slides on one page) (as your professor decides).

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