Each student will be assigned an article from a professional health care journal that correlates with an area related to Community Health Nursing (e.g. nursing roles, practice settings, levels of prevention, discharge planning, communication, patient/community education, community resources/referrals, disaster management, future directions, etc.).

The article critique should present a well-organized presentation and summary of the article. The importance of the article to community health and community health nursing should be emphasized.

The assignment is worth 30 points toward your final grade.

All assignments must include:

Title page with title (in bold), your name, name of college, course number with assignment name, instructor name, date, and page number.

Body of the paper with the following sections:

Introduction (use article title)

Summary of the Article

Importance/Significance to the Nursing Topic

Strengths & Weaknesses

Personal Reaction

The body of the paper should be a 2-3 page article critique (not to include the cover or reference pages). The first page of the body must include the title (in bold) and page number; then each page after-should only include page number.

Reference Page with reference (in bold) and all references cited in your paper.  Reference page must include the page number.

Use APA format. Refer to APA online guides [OWL Purdue] or SIC Library/Resources for assistance.  

Article critique should be double-spaced with 1” margins, using a 12 pt. font.

If you use a website for your reference(s), it must be from an .org or a .net source. Do not use articles that are ‘editorials’ or ‘literature reviews’.

Proper grammar, spelling, and format will be graded as will proper use of APA format.

 You must submit your completed article critique in the Course Content Drop Box Folder.

 ADN Article Critique Rubric       30 Points Total     Below Expectation    Meets ExpectationExceeds Expectation  Excellent

Scholarly Standard 
Lists goals of the article with pertinent details. Then discusses ethical considerations and impact on subject. Assignments should reflect an adequate knowledge of the topic, an understanding of underlying principles, synthesis of content, and interpretation of the subject with creative thought.
3 pts Substantial inaccuracy in use of the references and understanding of the content. Elaboration of evidence is insufficient or not understandable to the reader. Basically, an opinion paper with faulty descriptors.  4.56 pts Doesn’t fully address other viewpoints and/or doesn’t clarify own views. Writer’s
perspective is acceptable, but not easy to follow.
5.04 pts Elaborates on article using professional sources, and mentions other viewpoints, but does not clarify or support own views. Writer’s perspective is acceptable but not sequentially formatted.7 pts Elaborates fully on topic acknowledging authors’ findings and supports with professional sources/explanations. Has defined the concepts discussed and uses clear and effective examples.  
All assignments are expected to reflect original thoughts and interpretations of the information. Direct quotations should be kept to a minimum and used only when they enhance the message you are trying to convey. The topic posed is only part of the total. Does student find interesting angles from which to explore?
3 pts  Much of the paper is copied from other sources, no original work is evident. Direct quotations exceed 20%. Fails to raise any
important questions
related to the topic
assigned. Does not
meet the criteria of
the assignment. 
4.56 pts Direct quotations are between 10-15%. Raises questions related to the topic, but may
not provide reader with adequate evidence for why these additional
questions should be
5.04 pts Direct quotations are between 5-10%. Raises important
questions relevant
to the assigned topic, and answers them with evidence from professional sources. 
7 pts Less than 5% direct
quotations and they
are only used to raise
important questions
relevant to the
assigned topic and
clearly make a point. 
Does this paper have a logical opening, supporting evidence, and conclusion?                 Spelling, Grammar, & Format  All assignments are expected to meet minimum standards for proper English. This means that grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure should all be checked carefully by the student prior to submission. Spell check and grammar check are useful, but will not catch everything. All assignments should include a cover page that has your name, date, course number, assignment name, and title. Listed page lengths for assignment are for the body of the paper.
3 pts Does not follow in a logical format.
Difficult for the reader to understand what points are opinion and what points are
supportive. Does not convey organized thoughts.    2.57 pts Writing mechanics, word usage, grammar and spelling contain many errors that DO affect the paper’s content.  Missing ≥3 elements. Not in APA format and is sloppy. 
4.56 pts Attempts to follow logical format, but wanders from one concept to another
without clear flow or
rational. Thoughts are not well organized.          3.91 pts Multiple errors, but they DO NOT substantially distract from the content.  Missing 2 elements. Not in APA format.
5.04 pts Attempts to follow
logical format, but
with less consistency. Flow of paper may result in confusion between writer’s opinions and supported
reports.      4.32 pts Writing mechanics, word usage, grammar and spelling contains few errors that mostly DO NOT affect the paper’s content. Missing 1 element. Minor APA format issues.
7 pts Answers the questions: Does all this make sense? Does what I say follow the evidence? Can readers discern my opinions from the evidence used to support them?
Shows relevance for statements and evidence.      6 pts Writing mechanics, word usage, grammar and spelling contain minimal errors that DO NOT affect the paper’s content.  All elements included and in APA format.
References & Citations
In all assignments, students are expected to appropriately cite the sources of ideas, facts, and quotations using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Manual of Style. Does student demonstrate the proper use of citations and proper reference page?
1.29 pts No professional sources used or cited, and/or come from an unreliable source. Much of paper is copied from sources, no original work is evident.1.95 pts Use of professional sources without a thoughtful summary as to why the sources are relevant or how they enter into writer’s discussion/critique.2.16 pts Excellent reliability of professional sources. Use of source information within the paper is effective and necessary.3 pts  Excellent reliability of professional sources. Use of source information within the paper is effective and necessary.        POINT TOTAL ____ 

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