• Answer all questions. 
  • Deadline of submission: 

Module Learning Outcomes

The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully

  1. Design and implement an effective project proposal relating to business.
  2. Critically review existing academic literature relevant to an area of research.
  3. Appraise the different research techniques and tools.
  4. Evaluate, assess and choose research methods.

Tasks:                                                                                                                                                      (100 marks)

Assessment Brief                                                                                 

Student should select a suitable topic within  his/her area of specialization and must be approved by the professor by week 2 or 3.  The student should write a research proposal that would present the  research design, the aim and objectives, the research questions, brief methodology and the relevant literature of the study.   (Note: A paragraph discussion should have at least 5 lines).

The topic is: Evaluating the impacts of online banking security practices on organizational performance in bank muscat

The assignment requires the student  to focus on the deliverables described as follows:   

1. Clarity, Style, and Grammar, 5 marks

An internationally acceptable presentation style must be adhered to with appropriate grammar. Must avoid truncations and unnecessary spacing. The report must be consistent with regards to the font style and size for both headings and the text; and proper punctuations must be used throughout.  Use of pronouns: incorrect use of the ‘pronouns’ in a report format (or an essay) would be costly.  Avoid using ‘I’ (First Person Subject Pronoun/Singular), ‘Me'(First Person Object Pronoun), ‘My’ (First Person Possessive Adjective), ‘Mine’ (First Person Possessive Pronoun), ‘We’ (First Person Subject Pronoun/Plural), ‘You’ (2nd Person Subject/Object Pronoun). Instead, you must consider the use of the 3rd Person Subject/Object/Possessive/Reflexive-Intensive Pronouns/Possessive Adjective).   

2. Abstract, 5 marks

The students should clearly specify what the proposal is about; its rationale and the methodological aspects used. Student should write at least four (4) keywords.  The abstract should be in one paragraph only. 

3. Introduction and Background of the Study, 10 marks

  1. Please write a one paragraph introduction which will introduce the different sections of the research proposal in specific terms.  
  2. Separately, in one paragraph, write the background of the study which will give preview of the topic and brief information on previous studies and what was found. The student should write also the reason or the “why” of the study. 

4. Problem Statement, 10 marks

The student must explain in one paragraph the problem s/he would address and why. A brief literature review on the area to be investigated must be presented. This should  also briefly explain the problem that the research will address.

5. Research Aim and Objectives, 10 marks

In one paragraph, write the  research aim of the study which will describe the main goal or the overarching purpose of  the research study.  The specific objectives of study must be presented as well. Student should write at least four(4) research objectives.

6. Research Questions, 5 marks

The research objectives should be converted into research questions. 

7. Research Scope and Limitations, 5 marks

The project area, topic, context and the population must be described as much as possible.   Write at least three (3) limitations of the study. Write a paragraph discussion of the scope of the study.

8. Methodology, 20 marks

The proposal must identify and discuss the research design to be used in the main project. It must also describe the specific sampling techniques, sampling size and data collection techniques it would employ. Data analysis techniques must also be discussed briefly.  Describe the population of the study. Present these discussions in three paragraphs.

9. Outline the literature review of the research study. 20 marks

Present the full outline of the literature review then present the initial literature review of the study with at least five citations.  The literature review should briefly cover all the research objectives’ topics.  

10. Referencing, 5 marks

List at least five sources from last five years which should include articles and books in APA Harvard Referencing Style).   

Should include references from MEC e-resources.

      11. Timetable, 5 marks  

Student has to provide in tabular form and gantt chart specific activities with duration, the beginning and ending date for each activity, minimum of ten activities.  

Assignment Structure:

The report should ideally have the following contents:

  • Table of contents;
  • Discussion, description of main points with proper in-text references;
  • List of references (using APA style of referencing), minimum of ten, mix of journals and books; from last five years;

Rules & Regulations:

  • All resources should be cited using APA style.
  • The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using APA Style and page numbers.

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