Future Societies

The questions refer to the Sen’s Development as Freedom. (you can find them in files)

Here are the Questions:

1.Sen puts forward the argument that Freedom is central to the process of Development for two distinct reasons:

  1. The evaluative reason: assessment of progress has to be done primarily in terms of whether freedoms that people have are enhanced
  2. The effectiveness reason: achievement of development is thoroughly dependent on the free agency of people

[Introduction, page 4]

Explain what he means in your own words.

2. With reference to the argument provided in the Section Public Provisioning, Low Income and Relative Costs [Chapter 2, page 46-49] comment on the relative merits of what Sen describes as support-led vs growth mediated processes. How do you see their relative merits. You may draw on examples from elsewhere to support your argument.

3. Comment on Sen’s views on development and progress – what do you think is his intellectual contribution, and do you see it as valuable? Why or why not? You may refer to the video resources provided or other resources to make your arguments.

4. How would you define development and progress? What in your view are the key limitations of existing measures of economic and social progress?

Word Count:  1200words

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