Module Overview

In this final Module, we introduce the method of “principled negotiation.” This term was first introduced in the well-known 1981 conflict resolution text “Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” by Roger Fisher and William Ury (highly recommend this as down-time reading!).

Several editions later, principled negotiation in still included in the text, for good reason. Fisher and Ury contend that the vast majority of conflicts can be resolved with principled negotiation, and they reject the notion that some conflicts are win-lose – and that positional bargaining is a better method to use.

The method of principled negotiation (examined in this Module’s Case), which advocates both collaboration and cooperation, is another process to be aware of in best preparing yourself to negotiate. The SLP will challenge you to specifically apply principled negotiation to a workplace conflict, and our discussion will close the course by considering what to do when negotiations fail.

A positive outcome isn’t promised in negotiations, and we need to have a conscious awareness of when it is best to walk away. BATNA (the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) can be a better option if the other side refuses to negotiate, or when negotiations fail. Preparing a strong BATNA increases your negotiating power, and having this clear alternative is a must.

Required Reading

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