Assignment Overview

In the Module 3 SLP, you will evaluate the efficacy of your chosen organization’s (SONY GROUP)strategy or strategies.

In a 4-page paper, determine the grand strategy or strategies currently pursued by the organization (SONY GROUP)you have selected. After you have applied the Grand Strategy Matrix to an organization (SONY GROUP), determine whether the strategy your company (SONY GROUP)now follows is the most optimal one.

Keys to the Assignment

The paper should have an Introduction, Main Body with Subsections, Conclusions, and a Reference List. Use APA (7th ed.) style for citations and references.

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your 4-page paper include the following:

  • Visit your chosen (SONY GROUP)organization’s website, and using the company’s Annual Report and/or other additional research, determine the organization’s strategy or strategies. For example, is the company presently pursuing a Concentration strategy? An Innovation strategy? Is the company in Retrenchment?
  • Applying the Grand Strategy Matrix (GSM) to your organization (SONY GROUP), discuss the assumptions you are using to determine the optimal strategy your organization should pursue.
  • Decide whether the organization (SONY GROUP) is pursuing the best strategy (or strategies). If not, what grand strategy or strategies should the organization pursue at present? Defend your answer.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated based on the Rubric.

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