Text: Rector, C. (2021). Community and Public Health Nursing. (10th Ed.). St. Louis: Lippincott.

The Evidence-based Community Health Equity Presentation is designed to demonstrate analysis of a community health issue impacting a population that has experienced health disparities and to use evidence-based research to inform that analysis. The health issue for this assignment must be different from the topic of the Evidence-based Community Health Paper. 

Important Considerations:

  • Based on course readings and discussion, choose an issue or topic impacting the health of a population that has experienced health disparities. Identify a peer-reviewed article addressing the issue or subject that could inform efforts to address these health disparities. Topic: underserved rural communities
  • Cite at least three sources of information relevant to the community health issue and health disparity, and thoroughly address each required section of the assignment. These references could include journal articles, governmental agency reports, epidemiological information, or relevant position papers from community health advocacy organizations. 
  •  APA format is required for the assignment. 
  • This is a Powerpoint presentation, following the below guidelines, not a paper.
  • Record a “voiceover” audio of the presentation.
  • PENDRAGO:  Write this as a paper.  I will change to powerpoint. ***

Evidence-based Community Health Equity Presentation:

  Community Health Issue (40%)Identify the community health issue impacting a population that has experienced health disparities with rationale for choosing the topic. Provide information on the incidence and extent of the issue and demographic information regarding the selected population. Explain the significance of the health issue to nursing, to community health, and to the population. Identify challenges in addressing the issue and potential solutions.
  Source of Article (10%)  Identify a peer-reviewed research article addressing the community health issue.
  Synthesis of Article (40%)  Identify the purpose of the research and the population involved. Discuss the study method, the findings of the study, and the conclusion of the author(s).  Analyze how the findings of the article can inform community health and the health of the population that has experienced health disparities chosen for the assignment.
  APA Format (10%)• APA format of citations • References cited

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